FCT Admin bans pipe borne water for car wash businesses in Abuja


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Business may get tougher for car wah points in Abuja as the FCT Administration has cut off their supply of water via pipes.

The FCT, Abuja has just announced a ban on car wash businesses and operators using water from the taps all across the FCT. From, Monday the 16h of March, when the announcement was made, pipe-borne water in Abuja is not to be used by the numerous car wash businesses scattered all over the FCT.


Car washes in Abuja may need to source their own water soon, following the ban

However,  the FCTA spokesperson, Mr Segun Kayode, advised that the ban does not apply to legally registered car wash shops, most of which are sited in petrol stations, as well as a few other locations.

To that effect, the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) has ordered the FCT waterboard to commence the disconnection of water pipes at car wash shops all over Abuja. Mr Segun Kayode said the directive came about due to the constant waste of pipe-borne water resources by the car was operators. The FCT, in his words, was expending huge amounts to treat water for the safe consumption of Abuja residents, and car wash businesses would no longer be allowed to waste it.

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Apart from the waste, the FCTA also cited a complaint from the Abuja Environmental Protection Board, which claimed that the large volume of water from multiple car wash points was destroying roads, infrastructure, as well as posing an environmental menace to the FCT. 

The FCTA is of the opinion that boreholes or wells would better serve the need of car wash operators.


Abuja FCT is talking tough regarding water waste by car wash businesses

Mr Kayode also clarified that only car wash operators located at petrol stations were registered and recognized by the FCT administration. He said car wash points at those filling stations possess government approval. They are also acknowledged to pay taxes and levies at the right time.

“Already, the FCTA has directed the board to disconnect water supply from car wash points across the territory. We recognize only the car wash points at petrol filling stations. Waterboard has not disconnected water supply to those areas. Apart from the fact that water is being wasted, the same water spilled on roads thereby leading to flooding which spoils infrastructure in the city. So, we were directed to disconnect water supply in all car wash points. Not only in Kubwa but the whole of Abuja. Whoever wants to operate a car wash should dig a borehole because portable water from the FCT Waterboard is not meant for car wash."

The FCTA said the administration is working hard to make sure satellite towns get pipe-borne water soon.


Not all Abuja car washes are government-approved

In a reaction to FCTA's announcement, the Car Wash Operators Association, Chairman, in Kubwa, Moses Moore, remarked:

“For now, few of us that have money have started digging wells to get water and operate their car wash business”

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