FCA recalls 2014 to 2017 Jeep Cherokee models over transmission problems


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American auto giant, FCA has just announced a voluntary recall which includes certain units of the Jeep Cherokee, from 2014 to 2017 model year. Get the story!

If you are planning to buy a Jeep Cherokee or know someone that is looking to buy a 2014 – 2017 model of the SUV, then please share this important post with them. This is due to a potential transmission issue. FCA recently announced a voluntary recall for units of the Jeep Cherokee SUV that falls between the 2014 - 2017 model years.


Some units of the Jeep Cherokee SUV that were made between the 2014 – 2017 model year could face transmission issues – FCA

According to FCA, the affected units of the Jeep Cherokee SUV need a transmission software update or else they could face a potential problem of the driveline connection slipping in certain cases. When such an issue occurs, a driver might experience a “loss of propulsion” that will make it impossible to engage the vehicle in “Park” mode when the SUV is stationary.

FCA says that it currently is aware of one accident that is linked with this identified issue but no injuries were recorded from the incident. Also, the company reported that it has received a total of 3 field reports and 829 warranty claims now that are related in one way or another to this issue. Below is a highlight of the total number of affected units by region, according to information provided by FCA;

  • United States – 67,248
  • Mexico – 716
  • Canada – 13,659
  • Outside NAFTA region – 9,940

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All of the affected Jeep Cherokee units are reportedly built between the 14th of April, 2014, and the 10th of October 2016; they are also equipped with the automaker’s 2-speed PTU (Power Transfer Unit). This means that all the units with one-speed PTU are currently not affected by this recall.

FCA also mentioned that owners and dealers will be individually notified by the 31st of July regarding the recall arrangement. Similarly, other affected owners that have independently repaired their vehicles will be compensated accordingly upon presenting proof of such payment.

Meanwhile, if you are unaware of the incredible feature of the Jeep Cherokee, check out this video below;

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