Faulty traffic light in Abuja gives motorists confusing signals (video)


Posted by: Jane Osuagwu

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A traffic light has been sighted in Abuja giving motorists confusing signals which might lead to a collision. And this is not a rare scene here. Watch the video!

Traffic lights are placed on busy streets and intersections to control the movement of vehicles in order to avoid a collision. Each of the coloured lights displayed by the traffic light tells drivers what to do. When it becomes faulty, it can cause multiple collisions.

A traffic light giving motorists confusing signals was sighted on one of the streets in Abuja. No doubt it has developed a fault.


The traffic light was displaying the stop and go lights in quick succession

The motorist who spotted the faulty traffic light while recording a video of it said it was situated at 1st Avenue Gwarinpa Estate, close to Drumsticks Junction Abuja.

The video captured the traffic light showing red (stop) and green (go) lights interchangeably, thereby confusing motorists as to which of the lights to obey.

Here, watch the video.

The traffic light will be misleading a lot of motorists plying that route

Naijauto learned that from January 2016 - June 2017, about 430 persons lost their lives in car accidents in Abuja. According to an investigation conducted by ICIR, 50% of the accidents were a result of faulty traffic signals.

The traffic light should be fixed immediately and not left to confuse motorists.

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