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Hushpuppi has been arrested and sadly, all his expensive cars would not go to jail with him. So where will they go?

Popular Instagram luxury lifestyle influencer 'Ray Hush Puppi' got arrested in Dubai and was extradited to the USA by FBI to face the law squarely for laundering funds he and his team illegally acquired from a Law firm in the USA and also for attempting to scam an English Premier League football team. I can't believe Dubai police recorded a video of how Hushpuppi was arrested, that is next level criminology I must confess. 

I mean, this guy is a Nigerian that a lot of luxury enthusiasts look up to but I have been bothered about only one question since I heard Hushpuppi got a maximum prison sentence of 20 years. I just wanted to know; now that Hushpuppi is in Jail, what will happen to his exotic cars? because the cars won't go to jail with him for sure.


At this point, Hushpuppi was probably thinking of how his new Rolls-Royce

Hushpuppi has acquired 4 different exotic cars in a space of 3 years. I have been following Hushpuppi for a long time on Instagram and I assumed he wasn't the type that cared about cars. He used to only buy expensive clothing, wristwatches and go on expensive vacations around the world. When Hushpuppi settled down in Dubai some years ago, he unleashed his exotic car lover side of himself and acquired over ₦400,000,000 in cars.


Hushpuppi offending with Fendi

Were you surprised that Hushpuppi was a yahoo boy?. Talking about Yahoo boys, the only advantage of yahoo boys in Nigeria is in buying their cars. That is if you don't get scammed. 

Hushpuppi's net worth would forever blow my mind!. Here is a table of Hushpuppi's cars and how much they are worth:

List of Hushpuppi's cars
Car's name Worth in Naira
Black Bentley Bentayga ₦90,000,000
Purple & Balck Rolls-Royce Wraith ₦110,000,000
White Rolls-Royce Cullinan ₦125,000,000
Red Ferrari 458 Italia ₦90,000,000

So what will happen to Hushpuppi's cars?

I asked a lot of professionals in the field of criminology on how the exotic cars Hushpuppi left behind will be handled. I was able to deduct only 3 possibilities of what will happen to those cars he left in Dubai.


Hushpuppi and all his exotic cars 

Case 1: The Dubai Police Force would seize Hushpuppi's car collection, and it would be auctioned to the general public either physically or via Dubai's official website. The money gotten from the sales would then be used to fund the Police department.

Case 2: There would be a private auction of the cars by the police and only a select few people can buy the cars. The funds gotten from the sales would then be used to fund the Police department of Dubai.

Case 3: The cars would be kept safe in a Junk Yard if there is an arrangement for Hushpuppi to return all the funds he was found guilty of laundering.

Case 1 & 2 is the most feasible to happen to these exotic cars. One part of me says that Hushpuppi might have owned some of these cars on lease. If this is true, it means the company would just take back the car and make an abnormal profit off the lease contract since Mr Hushpuppi is not available for now. 

Remember Mr Woodberry? Hushpuppi's second most popular criminal team member. His exotic cars would also face the same fate. 


Hushpuppi and his partner twinning with a Brabus!

Closing Remarks

For the longest time, I have always wondered Hushpuppi's source of wealth. It is so sad that he would be known as a scammer for a long time. I hope he comes back from prison clean.

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