Weed Day: Fatal car accidents usually increase by 12% every April 20th, "420 Day" celebration


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Studies reveal some shocking information about fatal car accidents usually recorded on annual marijuana celebration or 420 "Weed" Day.

Have you seen anyone celebrating 420 day in Nigeria today?

For most African countries like Nigeria, “420 Day” might be unpopular but in other parts of the world it is actually a celebration done on the 20th day of the 4th month, April, hence the name “420 Day”. It is a special day dedicated to the celebration of marijuana popularly known as “Weed” or "igbo". Yes, you read that right; it’s an “Igbo or Weed Day”.

On this annual marijuana day celebration called 420 Day, it’s been observed that the rate of fatal accidents usually spikes up. The last study done in 2018 revealed some really shocking data which we have discussed below. Read on!


Studies reveal that about a 12% increase in fatal car accidents are usually recorded on annual 420 day

Does 420 day kill more people through auto crashes?

According to a 2018 publication by UK’s largest online news media, INDEPENDENT; researchers found a huge 12% increase in the number of horrific car accidents recorded during mid-day hours of the 420 Day celebration in the United States. Interestingly enough, this holiday is actually an unofficial one and has a very small number of participants.

Medical studies show that marijuana “weed” also known as Cannabis, has an active ingredient named Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which usually decreases the normal human reaction times. So, the intake of “Weed” before getting behind the wheel has been found to affect driving ability in a way that leads to erratic lane switching and driving speed.

Surprisingly, with quite a lot of evidence, many people still consume cannabis before driving on major roads until now.


Fear of possible increase in car accidents will make celebrating 420 in Nigeria and many other African countries really difficult for now

What does past data say about car accidents on 420 Day?

After deep research and study of data from the past 25 years of fatal car accidents, recorded between 4:20 pm and 12midnight on most “420 Day” celebrations, compared to a week before and after the “420 Day”, was concluded. The following was revealed:

  • About 1.3 million people got involved in around 882,483 car accidents in that 25-years period which led to 978,328 recorded fatalities
  • In that same 25-years period; about 1,369 drivers got involved in fatal car accidents on the 420 “Weed” Day alone while around a total of 2,453 drivers were involved in accidents on days before and after the 420 Day.
  • This data simply means that an average of 7.1 drivers gets involved in fatal car accidents on just the afternoon of this annual 420 Day compared to about 6.4 on normal days.

Coming to recent times, below is a CBS news report video revealing how fatal car accidents involving marijuana “Weed” has doubled in a U.S’ state;

  Fatal crashes involving marijuana have doubled in Washington

Is 420 Day that bad?

As a matter of fact, it will shock you to discover that despite all the above data; studies have also revealed that marijuana “weed” is actually safer than other substances like alcohol by 114 times when it comes to the risk of an accident.

You might not be able to celebrate 420 day in Nigeria just yet. This is because marijuana smoking is still illegal in Nigeria. If you can celebrate it without smoking, though, please go ahead and enjoy yourself as you check out our Top 10 cars for 420 celebrations this year 2020. While you are celebrating and enjoying yourself, please stay safe. Remember the lockdown is in effect in most states.

#StayHome #StaySafe

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