[Photos] Meet the Volvo “Iron Knight” – the fastest truck in the world


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Check out the photos, video, and amazing details of the Volvo "Iron Knight" heavy-duty truck that recently got confirmed as the fastest truck in the world.

You might have probably seen quite a number of powerful and fast-moving trucks, tankers and trailers in the past but we bet, they aren’t as fast as the Volvo “Iron Knight” truck. Yes, that’s due to the fact that this particular Volvo truck has been tested and conferred the title of the “World’s Fastest Truck” with no other truck being able to break its record till date.


This is the Volvo “Iron Knight” – the 2,400hp fastest truck in the world

Being a renowned manufacturer of world-class powerful trucks; it is not surprising that the Swedish automaker, Volvo took things to a whole new level with the “Iron Knight” truck that officially hits 171.5mph top speed. Yes, we cannot even imagine how thrilled the driver of the truck would be during the speed test 😊.


Meet Boije Ovebrink - Swedish truck-racing legend who drove the Volvo Iron Knight to break the world speed record for a truck

Volvo Iron Knight truck – What makes it special & fast?

For those who are curious about knowing the technical details of this superfast Volvo truck, below is a highlight of the notable ones:

  • Powerful 12.8-litre mid-mounted turbo diesel (D13) engine that outputs 2,400hp (1,790kW) and a whopping 4,425 pound-feet of torque.
  • Reinvented I-Shift Dual Clutch gearbox which uses 2 separate gear trains (on for the even-numbered gears and another for odd-numbered gears).
  • Powertrain achieved a 171.5mph top speed while covering 1,000 meters in just 21.29 seconds and 500 meters in just 13.71 seconds.
  • The overall weight of the truck is 4.5 tons (approx. 9,000-pound)

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If you want to see the thrilling moment when this Volvo Iron Knight truck broke the world record, watch the official speed test video below:

Video: Volvo Trucks - The Iron Knight - The world's fastest truck

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