Fastest tractor on Earth - the JCB Fastrac Two reaches 247 km/h


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This JCB Fastrac might be a tractor but is way faster than your car. Check out the pictures of the world's fastest tractor with a jaw dropping 1,106 horsepower!

If you are still thinking that tractors are meant to be slow, you are obviously living in the past. This JCB Fastrac Two is not only a fast tractor but the current holder of the World Guinness Record for the fastest one around.


The JCB Fastrac Two is the fastest tractor on the planet as certified by Guinness World Records in 2019

The modified world’s fastest tractor, driven by Guy Martin, former bike racer, set this record at 135.191 mph on 23 October over a 2-way average at Elvington Airfield, United Kingdom. From report, this amazing tractor reached a top speed of 153.771 mph.

This new speed record has toppled the previously held record of 103.6 mph by the same Guy Martin in June, driving a modified JCB Fastrac Special. In case you are still wondering how come much attention is placed on a tractor, we believe such question should be directed to the machinery specialist at British construction and agricultural agency, who felt there was need to usurp the 103.3 mph old world record.

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This utilitarian vehicle is loosely based upon full suspension at the front and rear for an improved road performance

The world’s fastest JCB Fastrac unlike most of the tractors you see around, comes fitted with full front and rear suspension system, which guarantees ultimate road performance.

For the current holder of the fastest tractor on the planet, it comes equipped with a unique 7.2-liter 6-cylinder JCB Dieselmax turbo engine that whips out a remarkable output of 1,016 horsepower and more than 2,400Nm of torque.


The availability of modified features not only make it a fast tractor but the fastest you could ever see till date

The upgraded features when compared to stock motor, offers a massive turbocharger generating 5.0 boost bar, electrically-powered supercharger keeping the turbo spinning at a low rev and ice tanks for charge-air cooling and water ejection, helps in reducing intake temperatures by 122 degree Fahrenheit (50 degree Celsius). The exhaust manifold fitted on the tractor has also been modified for a better and improved flow by the engineers.

The World's Fastest Tractor - Guy Martin's JCB Fastrac Guinness World Record Speed Run

Exceeding 150 mph looks like an impossible feat for a farm tractor, but with the help of installed ZF 6-speed H-pattern manual truck gearbox, Williams Advanced Engineering aerodynamic kit and several other features, it has now become an insane possibility.

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