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The current fastest car in the world can ply at 304 mph. Speed lovers, can you guess what is it? A hint is it is a Bugatti car. Check it out now!

Sometimes we just wonder how these beasts are built, considering how terribly fast some of them can be. Within seconds they’ve disappeared from sight, just when you are getting ready for a selfie. If you’ve always wanted a guide detailing these crazy speedsters, then be assured you’ve made it to the right place. This article by Naijauto.com will be sure to answer your question: what is the fastest car in the world? and we are sure you’ll love every bit of it.

  List of fastest cars in the world 2019 by top speed
 No  Model  Top Speed
 1  Bugatti Chiron  304 mph
 2  Hennessey Venom F5  301 mph
 3  Koenigsegg Jesko  300 mph
 4  Koenigsegg Agera RS  277.9 mph
 5  Hennessey Venom GT  270.49 mph
 6  Bugatti Veyron Super Sport  267.9 mph
 7  SSC Ultimate Aero TT  257.41 mph
 8  Koenigsegg Regera  255 mph
 9  Lykan Fenyr Supersport  249 mph
 10  Saleen S7 Twin Turbo   248 mph

10. Saleen S7 Twin Turbo - Top Speed: 248 mph

The Saleen S7 Twin Turbo is a performance enhanced version of the 2003 launched Saleen S7. From 2005, Saleen Autosport began upgrading the 2003 version of the S7 with a production version that incorporated an active Twin Turbo charger. The Supercar still maintained its 7.0 Liter Ford Windsor V8 engine but combined this with the twin-turbo which bumped the power output from its former 550 hp to a more energetic 750 hp rating, as well as an improved torque range.


The Saleen S7 Twin Turbo is a performance enhanced version of the Saleen S7

The rear-wheel-drive, mid-rear mounted supercar returned a maximum torque of 700 lb-ft at a rev of 4800 rpm, clearing the (0-62) mph hurdle in just 2.8 seconds. The Saleen S7 Twin Turbo has a registered top speed of 248 mph.

Specs & Price of Saleen S7

  • Body Style - Two door Coupe
  • Top Speed - 248 mph
  • Acceleration (0-62) mph – 2.8 Seconds
  • Power - 750 hp
  • Torque - 700 lb-ft at 4800 rpm
  • Price - ₦362 Million


The twin-turbo bumps the Power output from its former 550 hp to 750 hp

9. Lykan Fenyr Supersport - Top Speed: 249 mph

The Lykan Supersport is preceded by the Lykan Hypersport which happens to be the first supercar offering by W Motors. With the success of the Lykan Hypersport, the United Arab Emirates-based supercar manufacturers designed and built the Lykan Supersport to succeed the Hypersport.

Only 100 units limited editions of the Fenyr Supersport are to be produced. The design and production team made extensive use of composite carbon in the manufacture of most body parts of the Fenyr Supersport.


Only 100 units limited editions of the Fenyr Supersport are to be produced

Fenyr Supersport comes with a custom engine specially designed and built by the German Auto manufacturers, RUF. The engine is a 3.8 Liter mid- rear-mounted, flat-six cylinder configuration, dual-turbo affair that supplies a solid 800 hp at 7100 rpm and torque of 722.8 lb-ft at 4000 rpm.

It comfortably makes the (0-62) mph dash in just 2.8 seconds and can reach a maximum speed of 249 mph, making it one of the fastest cars in the world. The Fenyr Supersport utilizes a Porsche based 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission also designed by RUF.

Specs & Price of Lykan Fenyr Supersport

  • Top speed: - 249 mph
  • Power: - 800 hp
  • Torque: - 722.8 lb-ft
  • Acceleration (0-62) mph: - 2.8 seconds
  • Price: - ₦651.078 Million


It comes with a dual turbo engine that supplies a solid 800 hp at 7100 rpm

8. Koenigsegg Regera - Top Speed: 255 mph

The Koenigsegg Regera is one super cool luxury megacar, built with some really astonishing features, while delivering some of the very best numbers when it comes to the supercars kingdom. One exciting feature of the Regera is the Direct Drive Transmission system which is an innovative way of managing engine power without the need for the power reducing gearbox system.

This feature means there is higher power available for vehicle propulsion, which makes it not a surprise that the Regera registers over 1000 hp as confirmed power output.


One exciting feature of the Regera is the Direct Drive Transmission system

Significantly, the Regera is a plug-in Hybrid car that utilizes both a mechanical internal combustion engine, as well as electric power supplied by 3 electric motors.

Taking the power sources singularly, the electric drive supplies a power output of about 700 hp with a torque of 642 lb-ft while the 5.0 Liter Twin Turbo V8 engine delivers about 1100 hp and maximum torque of 944 lb-ft. The Hybrid power train delivers a combined power of over 1500 hp. The Regera clears (0-62) mph in just 2.8 seconds.

Specs & Price of  Koenigsegg Regera

  • Body Style – Two-door Targa
  • Top Speed – 255 hp
  • Power - 1800 hp (Combined Maximum Power Output)
  • Torque – 1500 lb-ft (Combined torque)
  • Acceleration (0-62) mph: - 2.8 seconds
  • Price - ₦724 Million 


Direct Drive Transmission system manages engine power without the need for the gearbox

7. SSC Ultimate Aero TT - Top speed: 257.41 mph

The SSC Ultimate Aero became the first American made supercar in history when it entered the auto market in 2006. SSC (Shelby Supercars), now SSC North America, holds the title as the first American firm to break into the supercar category of the international auto industry mostly dominated by European firms. According to the Richland based company, tunnel testing of the Ultimate Aero prototype indicated that the Hypercar could possibly reach a top speed of 273 mph using the right engine power transmission system.


Ultimate Aero TT is built with a 6.3 Liter Supercharged V8 engine

As it were, the Ultimate Aero TT which was built with a 6.3 Liter Supercharged V8 engine, delivered about 1287 hp (referencing the 2009 updated version). Along with this solid power output came the impressive torque range of about 1112 lb-ft with redline revve of 7200 rpm. The Ultimate Aero TT could reach top speed of 257.41 mph, as well as accelerate from (0-60) mph in 2.5 second.

The Ultimate Aero TT retained the Guinness Record for the fastest car of world for 3 years before being dethroned by Bugatti Veyron Super Sport in 2010.

Specs & Price of SSC Ultimate Aero TT

  • Body Style – Two-door Coupe
  • Top Speed – 257.41 mph
  • Power - 1287 hp (Combined Maximum Power Output)
  • Torque – 1112 lb-ft (Combined torque)
  • Acceleration (0-62) mph: - 2.78 seconds
  • Price - ₦267.880 Million

6. Bugatti Veyron Super Sport - Top speed: 267.9 mph

Bugatti has continued to strengthen its brand after the 1998 setback and has not glanced backward since. To build a tradition of constructing the sports version of its own successful production cars, Bugatti Veyron Super Sport was built as the sports variant of the Bugatti Veyron 16.4. The Veyron Super Sport came to break and set new records, and this it did by dethroning the SSC Ultimate Aero in 2010 to be the Guinness Certified fastest cars in the whole world.


Bugatti Veyron Super Sport was built as the sports variant of the Bugatti Veyron 16.4

Veyron Super Sport comes with an 8.0 Liter W16 Quad-Turbocharged engine that delivers an amazing 1200 hp at 6400 rpm and torque of 1106 lb-ft. The Bugatti Veyron Super Sport set the record for the world’s fastest car with a speed of 267.9 mph, taken as an average of its two laps completed at Volkswagen's Ehra-Lessien test tracks on the 4th of July, 2010.

This record was strongly contested but was later confirmed by Guinness World Records in April of 2013. However, Veyron Super Sport has an electronically limited speed of 258 mph and is known to achieve the (0-62) mph from rest in just 2.5 seconds.

Specs & Price of Bugatti Veyron Super Sport

  • Body Style – Two-door Coupe
  • Top Speed – 267.9 mph (258 mph electronically limited)
  • Power - 1200 hp 
  • Torque – 1106 lb-ft
  • Acceleration (0-62) mph: - 2.5 seconds
  • Price - ₦815.494 Million

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5. Hennessey Venom GT - Top Speed: 270.49 mph

Hennessey Special Vehicles believes in breaking every barrier by championing excellence with the engineering design of supercars. This is evident with the tremendous work put into the design, production, and testing of the Hennessey Venom GT. Venom GT came in 2014 and shattered the record set by Bugatti Veyron Super Sport by a solid 3.0 seconds.


Venom GT broke the record set by Bugatti Veyron Super Sport by 3.0 seconds

Performing the test drive at the Kennedy Space Center, the Venom GT driven by Brian Smith reached a registered top speed of 270.49 mph as can be seen in the test video below.

Venom GT was built with a 7.6 Liter Twin Turbocharges V8 engine that could deliver up to 1600 hp power output and about 1300 lb-ft torque at 7200 rpm. The Venom could accelerate from (0-200) mph in just 14.51 seconds.

Specs & Price of Hennessey Venom GT

  • Body Style – Two-door Coupe
  • Top Speed – 270.49 mph
  • Power - 1600 hp
  • Torque – 1300 lb-ft
  • Acceleration (0-200) mph - 14.51 seconds
  • Price – ₦432 - ₦507 Million 

4. Koenigsegg Agera RS - Top speed: 277.9 mph

Also in the list of fastest cars in the world top 10 is Koenigsegg Agera RS. Koenigsegg Automotive will not be forced down the ladder when it comes to the engineering of hypercars. This is obvious in the company’s exceptional engineering design of the Agera RS. Agera RS is a sweet little masterpiece that is worth all the booze and very much worth the price tag.


The Agera is built with a 5.0 Liter V8 engine that delivers about 1160 hp

The Agera is built with a 5.0 Liter V8 engine that delivers about 1160 hp at a redline revve of 8250 rpm and maximum torque of 944 lb-ft at 4100 rpm. The Agera RS is known to have conquered the Hennessey Venom GT to claim the fastest car tag with a top speed of 277.9 mph, clearing the (0-62) mph in about 3 seconds.

Details & Prices of Koenigsegg Agera RS

  • Body Style – Two-door Coupe
  • Top Speed – 277.9 mph
  • Power - 1160 hp (with petrol)
  • Torque – 944 lb-ft at 4100 rpm
  • Acceleration (0-62) mph: - 3.0 seconds
  • Price – ₦905 Million

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3. Koenigsegg Jesko - Top Speed: 300 mph

Another masterpiece from Koenigsegg Automotive is a beauty by all standards serving us with hot spicy sauce all the way. Its engine is an improvement of the Agera RS and will come with a low drag version that Koenigsegg claims will cross the 300 mph speed limit.


Koenigsegg Jesko was named after Koenigsegg Automotive founders father

Its 5.0 Liter dual turbo V8 engine will deliver a solid 1280 hp at redline revve of 8500 rpm and torque of 1106 lb-ft at 5100 rpm.

Details & Prices of Koenigsegg Jesko

  • Body Style – Two-door Targa
  • Top Speed – 300 mph (claimed)
  • Power - 1280 hp
  • Torque – 1106 lb-ft at 5100 rpm
  • Price – ₦1.086 Billion

2. Hennessey Venom F5 - Top speed: 301 mph

The Venom F5 is the official current holder of the coveted world’s fastest car record, reaching a documented top speed of 301 mph. For the design and production of the Venom F5, Hennessey Performance Engineering accepted inputs from SHELL Oil Company and its subsidiary Pennzoil (manufacturers of synthetic and grade engine/transmission oils, whose contributions are mainly to power and protect the Hennessey custom built 7.6 Liter dual-turbo V8 engine.

It is however reported that the Hennessey Venom F5 will be built by a newly founded branch of the company the Hennessey Special Vehicles sharing the same base as Hennessey Performance Engineering HPE.

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The Venom F5 holds of the world’s fastest car record

The V8 engine delivers 1600 hp at 7100 rpm and torque of 1300 lb-ft at 4400 rpm and costs a good $1.6 million, equivalent to over ₦579 Million.

Details & Prices of Hennessey Venom F5

  • Body Style – Two-door Coupe
  • Top Speed – 301 mph (claimed)
  • Power - 1600 hp at 7100 rpm
  • Torque – 1300 lb-ft at 4400 rpm
  • Price – ₦ 579 Million

1. Bugatti Chiron - Top speed: 304 mph

Just earlier this year, the Bugatti Chiron has claimed to reach a top speed of 304 mph and 1,578bhp of torque, aiming at the fastest production car on Earth. However, to gain the title from Guinness World Records, the Chiron has to perform exactly as required by this organization to measure the top speeds when running in both directions.

Currently, the title still belongs to the Koenigsegg Agera RS. Anyhow, the current fastest car in the world is no one else but Bugatti Chiron!

Detailed specifications and prices of this Chiron haven't been revealed to the public yet. You can check available facts around this car at: 10 facts about the Bugatti Chiron setting new world speed record at 304mph


This is the latest 'Thor' version of Bugatti Chiron

Bonus: Devel Sixteen - Top speed: 320 - 350 mph

The Jetfighter inspired supercar comes with a 12.3 Liter 66mm sized quad-turbo V16 engine that delivers about 5007 hp and torque of 3757 lb-ft. The Sixteen’s idea which was conceptualized in 2006 finally had its production series launched at Dubai International Motor Show in 2017.

The Devel Sixteen is accompanied by an SUV version, the Devel sixty which is built with a 6.7 Liter turbo-diesel V8 engine that can accelerate from (0-60) mph in just 5.8 seconds.

So why did we add it as a bonus? Simply because the car hasn't been tested yet, either informally or at official events. With such a top speed, the car is expected to pass 2 football fields every second and we doubt whether there is any qualified place to prove it.


Devel Sixteen comes with a 6.7 Liter turbo-diesel V8 engine

Specs & Price of Devel Sixteen

  • Body Style – Two door Coupe
  • Top Speed – 320 mph (claimed)
  • Power - 1600 hp at 7100 rpm
  • Torque – 1300 lb-ft at 4400 rpm
  • Price – ₦796.400 Million

We sure you love what we just presented, the creme de la crew of the fastest supercars you will find in the world as far as 2019 is involved. We'll love you to explore our site and read other exciting articles on the Auto fun and Celebrity Cars, not forgetting to get useful car-related Tips and advice too. Our car sales page will also be very helpful if you planning to purchase a car.

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