Farting in car cases - See the hilarious flatulent stories shared by people


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While it is perfectly normal to fart once a while, it could become a horrible experience for other passengers in the vehicle. See the fart stories shared!

For some people, it is quite embarrassing to let off an atomic bomb of fart while in public places. While it is absolutely normal to fart, it could piss off or irritate many people when you do this.

Picture this: imagine someone farting inside your car, which is supposed to be a confined space. What will you do if you find yourself in such a situation?

While some farts could be light and odorless, some can get so strong and might turn out to be a nightmare for other passengers in the car. How long can you hold your breath in a time like this?


Perceiving horrible smell in a bus from fart could turn your trip into a nightmare

It is healthy to fart. When it gets too much, it could become a thing of health concern. Excessive farting could be associated with digestive issue or eating the wrong type of food. Despite all, we often relive these horrible experiences with laughter when we think down the memory lane. The worst case scenario is; having to cope with such when embarking on a long journey.


Many of such cases have been recorded inside commercial buses in Nigeria

In Nigeria, many cases like this have been recorded inside commercial buses. The most obvious suspect when this happens is that odd-looking fellow in the car or the woman that has been buying everything edible right from the point of departure.

Surprisingly, this well-suited good-looking gentleman beside you might be the culprit that released such foul-smelling gas into the air. It is not every day that you would have the luxury of stopping the car, most especially when it happens in the middle of nowhere. Solution here is: enjoy it while it lasts...lol! So, to avoid such, you might want to respectfully caution that person inside the Danfo bus buying boiled eggs, snacks and many other items to be consumed on a single trip.

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Examples of recorded farting in car cases

A lot of people all around the globe have shared their farting experiences in vehicles, and we found most of them quite humorous and intriguing. One of the farting-in-the-car stories that got our attention was when a cab man in Bournemouth, UK, blamed overspeeding on farting. When he was stopped by the cops for violating the speed limit, he quickly put the blame on three of his customers, who he said were continuously farting inside his car.

The story wasn’t good enough to convince the police to overlook his crime. The taxi man ended up paying a fine. The police decided to make it worse for the cab man by posting the hilarious incident on their Facebook page.


Just when you thought you've heard it all ,two excuses from this evening that didn't work....! 1. A taxi driver failed...

Posted by Dorset Traffic Cops on Thursday, February 2, 2017

Another interesting case when an Uber driver booted customers over flatulence. According to the driver, he had to boot 3 of his passengers off his car since they wouldn’t stop to fart. The driver Jose Peralta revealed he picked up these 3 people around 2.am in the midnight, with the plan to convey them to the next bus-stop. He was forced to end the ride when one of them farted three times inside his car. After feeling uncomfortable, the man asked them to get off by pulling his Mazda car into a parking lot. Of course, we didn’t expect such situation to end well. It nearly resulted into a serious fight.

Anne Waiguru, who happens to be a Kenyan governor for Kirinyaga County was accused of allegedly terminating the appointment of her driver for farting in the car.

According to the driver, the woman entered the car and perceived bad smell. This made her to accuse the driver, which led to his sack. The case was brought forward as part of the cases presided over by 11-man senate committee looking into her gross abuse of power while in office.


The Kenyan governor that allegedly sacked her driver for farting in the car

A shocking revelation was made recently by a passenger on getting a fine of $100 for farting in an Uber taxi. That was one heavy way of paying for breaking the wind. Unfortunately, the passenger got a lot of backlash from people expected to show support or sympathy at least. They all pointed out that commercial bus is a workplace and should be respected. Maybe people should start getting fined for letting off such irritating gas in commercial buses in Nigeria.

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