Famous fashionista, Yomi Casual makes an acquisition of a luxury Lincoln Navigator


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The 34th birthday comes to Yomi Casual with a new Lincoln Navigator. Check out to know!

Omonivi Makun is a famous Nigerian fashion designer, well-known as Yomi Casual (his brand name). He happens to be the youngest in seven kids of Makun family and brother of Ayo Makun, a talented comedian.


The top Nigerian fashion designer – Yomi Casual

The guy recently got an early birthday present for himself, that’s a Lincoln Navigator SUV but his famous brother, Ayo Makun, was person sharing this news on Instagram. He wrote:

@yomicasual this one is not casual ooooo. Congratulations bro. Always proud of you. Can i navigate this your Navigator MACHINE as my Christmas gift?

Source: Instagram account @aycomedian

Here are its images Naijauto.com captures for you.


Ayo Makun takes great pride in the Lincoln Navigator SUV of his younger brother


Yomi Casual poses with his new white Lincoln Navigator

Yomi Casual has a successful career. After having graduated from the Fashion Designing and Technology of Clothing in Auchi Polytechnic, Edo state, he became the founder of Yomi Casual, one among biggest Ready to Wear Fashion label in Africa. And he’s favorite designer and fashionista of many celebrities, not only in Nigeria but also in other countries of Africa. For that reason, he can purchase himself lots of expensive and luxury cars. Actually, in an interview with Independent in 2013, he has shared that cars are his passions:

Cars can be part of your style and personality. I love cars. I can spend on cars. I like exceptional cars. I wish to get more cars.

Source: https://www.independent.ng

He has a white Chrysler 300, which costs N4 million and a N5.2m Chevrolet Camaro with the number plate ‘Tailor’ bought since 2015. It seems that the man loves this car so much as he posed with it all the time.


Yomi’s N4m Chrysler 300


His Chevrolet Camaro has been bought since 2015


The tailor loves it so much as registered its number plate ‘Tailor’

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