Triple dare! Family drives Jeep SUV and Ford truck into a lake to save a sinking boat


Posted by: Oluwaseun Solomon

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Check out photos and a video that captures the moment when a U.S family tried to save their sinking boat by driving a Jeep SUV and Ford truck into the lake. Crazy right! See more!

If you own a boat that is worth ₦116.3million and it's sinking, would you drive both a Jeep Wrangler SUV and a Ford F-150 Raptor truck into a lake just to save your sinking boat? Now, before you even think of your own answer, don’t be shocked if we confirm to you that a certain family in the U.S did exactly as we described. Yes, it’s such a bad idea, isn’t it?


A family in Indiana, U.S drove a Ford F-150 truck and a Jeep Wrangler SUV into a lake in an attempt to save their sinking boat

When we stumbled upon the video recently, we just couldn’t believe anyone would even think of such a “terrible” idea. In the video clip, one could hear the recorder narrating what was really going on just as the ridiculous event was unfolding. Right at the beginning of the clip, you will already notice the Ford F-150 Raptor, as well as the Jeep Wrangler SUV, stuck in the middle of the lake, with no positive sign of them being able to get out easily. And far into the lake, you will also see the boat as well almost going under the lake totally. Check out the video below;

Family Attempts To Save Speed Boat On Cedar Lake

A family that lives on Cedar Lake attempted to rescue their sinking boat by using the family vehicles according to emergency personnel Saturday evening. We are told the owner did not bring his helicopter out to assist. This is a current incident and we will have a full update as this story develops. Currently they are dealing with Indiana Conservation Police and The Cedar Lake Fire Department Marine Unit. 📷 - Kevin Walsh

Posted by Region News Source on Saturday, June 20, 2020

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At a point, you would notice that the video was probably cut short and skipped to a moment we couldn’t see the Ford Raptor truck anymore but instead only the Jeep Wrangler SUV still in the middle of the water sinking further with the boat. Sources claim that the boat is actually a “Pavati wake boat” which costs about ₦116.3million ($300,000) but we don’t think that’s enough of an excuse to risk an expensive Jeep Wrangler and Ford truck to save it.

Please don’t be like this family; always call for proper help when your car or boat is sinking rather than causing “double trouble” for yourself.

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