Family 's car gets 'petrol-bombed' in their garden


Posted by: Jane Osuagwu

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The fire got to the petrol tank and exploded the car. Read inside for the whole story!


The remains of the woman's Renault Kadjar after it was petrol-bombed

A woman has shared pictures of her car that was petrol-bombed in her driveway in Sea Mills, United Kingdom.

The mother of two who wished to remain anonymous narrated that a stranger completely wrecked her Renault Kadjar car late in the night, around 11:50 pm.


The wheels and tires were completely damaged

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She was home with her two children, a 12-year-old daughter, and a 19-year-old son at the time of the incident, and her vehicle was parked on her entrance.

The mother claimed this was a disgusting act of racism and a cowardly attack as she could understand that her son was bullied a lot in the past for his mixed race. She also told stories of him being thrown things at by his classmate.

She said,

I was sitting with my son and he told me he could hear someone shouting my name (...) I looked out the window and my car just exploded. It was petrol-bombed completely on fire. (...)

She added,

The fire service told me if the fire had got to the petrol tank, it could have blown shrapnel through house windows

The fence of the lady next door was on fire, which the fire service dealt with, but one and a half panels of the fence are gone.

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It took the firefighters 10 minutes to attend at the scene and another 10 minutes to totally put it out, which is not enough to save the car.

After the incident happened, the police made an appeal to the public for a witness to come forward but at the moment, none has come even after the house-to-house enquires.

Investigators pointed the suspect was someone in a dark-colored tracksuit who would leave the scene as soon as the fire was set ablaze. They believed it was a deliberate action.

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