Fake Lagos bus conductor absconded with passengers’ fares


Posted by: Chris Odogwu

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Wonders shall never end in Lagos! A passenger volunteered to collect transport fare of other passengers on a bus, and disappeared into thin air. Read details to avoid similar troubles!

Happenings in Lagos continue to amaze you. Just when you think you have seen it all in the Center of Excellence, you are taken aback by another incident.

According to a story posted online by a Twitter user @raychellered, a man had offered to collect transport fares of passengers aboard a commercial bus. All the passengers paid to him, thinking he was assisting the driver who manned the steering. He alighted from the bus along the journey with all the money collected. His deed came to light after the driver asked the passengers to pass him their fares. It was then it occurred to everyone that the Good Samaritan had an ulterior motive all along.


Such a thing can hardly happen on a BRT bus as they are more coordinated

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Read her tweet below:

“Lmaoo the wildest thing happened tonight. The guy seated beside me in the bus I got on my way home helped the driver collect money from everyone and jumped off halfway. We didn’t even suspect anything till the driver started shouting that we should pay up. Lagos is a wild place.

“Lmao this guy carried people’s change o. Na driver and passengers dey lament. We thought they knew each other cos he had been posturing like the conductor. He even told the driver to calm down and said ‘we are helping you collect your money’ when the driver first asked.

“The worst part was that I was the second to last person to get in. He gave up his seat so I could get in and he sat at the edge. I thought he was being nice. Ashey na strategic positioning the thief dey do. It was actually sad and funny.”

Commercial bus drivers without conductors ask passengers to put their fares together before handing the money over to them, sometimes. So, it is understandable why the passengers gave their fares to the man without hesitating. But with stories like this, you have to shine your eyes when giving your money to a fellow passenger on a bus next time.

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