9 fun facts about Volvo: who is Jakob?


Posted by: Oluwaseun Solomon

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How well and how long have you known the automaker Volvo? See if you would already know some of these 9 interesting facts about the brand. Check them here!

Sometimes Naijauto.com just wants to serve all you car enthusiasts with fun facts from the automotive world and this article is one of those that test “Who knows what” 😊.

Even though the brand Volvo might not really be that popular in Nigeria, there are still a lot of Nigerians that really love this brand and have remain loyal to it. This is why we have chosen the brand for this edition of our auto “fun facts”.

Below are some top 9 interesting and fun facts about Volvo which we believe you might not know;

1. Volvo is much older than you think

Volvo is a brand that is much older than other popular brands like Volkswagen, Ferrari, and BMW.

It has passed its 104th birthday while Volkswagen has just celebrated its 82th anniversary.


This old guy has been on the market for more than a hundred years

2. It took Volvo 12 years to roll out the first car after establishment

Gustav Larson and Assar Gabrielsson established Volvo in the year 1915 in Sweden. But April 14th, 1927 has been the date which they regard as their beginning because it was the same date on which they rolled out their first car series; the Volvo ÖV 4.

3. Volvo - I roll

 The brand name “Volvo” is actually coined out from a Latin word “Volvere” that literally means “I roll”. That’s funny, isn’t it?

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4. Have you met Jakob? - The first Volvo car

The first vehicle from Volvo was nicknamed “the Jakob”. It was actually powered by a two-litre four-cylinder engine. Below is an image of the car;


Here is “the Jakob” - the nickname for Volvo’s first vehicle powered by a 4-cylinder 2.0L engine

5. The inventor of 3-point seat belt

Volvo is the leading brand that has literally pioneered many of today’s vehicle safety features found in cars, including the popular 3-point safety seat belt which we all use and they generously made the patent for all of these things free.

6. Five-year insurance for a Volvo car?

Back in the 1950s-time, Volvo would normally give a five-year insurance on all of its vehicles to cover any case of a car crash or similar report.

7. Volvo gifted customers flights to Sweden to test drive their vehicles

Depending on a buyer’s location, buying any particular Volvo vehicle model would get one a brand-sponsored vacation to Gothenburg-Sweden, for you to test drive that vehicle which you have opted to buy.

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Order a Volvo & you get a vacation in Sweden for free!

8. From one to ten thousand vehicles in 5 years

In the year 1932, just 5 years after the first Volvo was launched, it had already produced close to 10,000 vehicles. The brand also made similar progress by actually producing as much as 50,000 vehicles in the year 1941 and then a whopping 2 million vehicles in the year 1972.

9. Volvo logo represents God of War

The Volvo company’s logo depicts a shield and a spear which literally symbolizes or represents Mars, which is the Roman God of War as tales know.

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Oluwaseun Solomon
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Oluwaseun Solomon

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