The longest Uber ride of 3,361km and other interesting facts about Uber


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You might have taken Uber severally in Lagos and yet know only few things about this ride hailing company. Check out facts you might not know about Uber, including its longest ride of over 3,300 km!

Though it might be a tough call asking some of my very old parents about Uber but be rest assured that hardly will you see anyone around the active ages in Nigeria that doesn’t know about Uber. The company has gotten to a level that it needs no explanation before knowing the kind of service they render. Not just that alone, its ride hailing app has been in town for quite some time now. The golden question has always been: How much do you know about Uber? Here on Naijauto are interesting facts about Uber.

1. Uber launch

The company was launched in 2009, March to be precise. It was formerly known as UberCab from 2009 to 2011, established by Garrett Camp and Travis Kalanick.

2. Mistaken Uber

It wasn’t the first company to be registered under the name “Uber”. In 1999, a design firm under the name Uber Inc. was registered and this resulted to lot of problems for that design firm. People always mistook them for the ride hailing company and were calling in to lodge complaints concerning their rides. This particular design firm had been mistakenly sued by a driver. Several other law suits were filed erroneously against the Uber Inc. however; the full name of the real ride hailing company is Uber Technologies Inc.

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With Abuja and Lagos already in the bag, Uber is fast spreading to other major cities in Nigeria

3. The longest Uber ride ever

The company’s world record for the longest drive ever was 3361Km (2256 miles), when Mr. Beast, a YouTube Celebrity was driven by a driver from the long route of North Carolina to California. The driver was able to make a profit of $4,100 (N1.5m) and a very generous tip of additional $5,500 (N1.9m). That was an incredible profit of 3.4 million naira in just a single day. He was really a lucky man!

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4. Number of "Uberised" cities & users

The company currently operates in 173 countries and 785 cities across the globe, of course including Nigerian economic hubs.

The company has an estimated 110 million users globally.

5. Uber in Nigeria

On July 23 2014, the Uber service was launched in Lagos, Nigeria. Ice Prince, a popular Nigerian popular musician, will go down in the book of history as the first person to use the service.

After two years of being in Nigeria, Abuja, which is the Federal Capital Territory joined in the service and became the 400th city to have Uber in the world.

6. Interesting statistics

Airports’ rides alone account for 15% of Uber service so far and Uber has taken 5 billion trips worldwide since its inception.

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7. What if you had invested in Uber

If you had invested a token of 10,000 naira when the company was newly founded, your investment would have risen to an amount of not less than 20 million naira till date. It's a pity you didn't know Uber founder at his very first days of setting up this business!

15 Things You Didn't Know About UBER

Possibly, you might know many more facts about Uber - an amazing ride hailing company. Feel free to share with people.

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