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Tyres are made in several ways that differentiate them and it is same for spare tyres too! Here are many fun facts about spare tyres you never knew!

Spare tyres are a must have for every vehicle. This has been a law in many countries including Nigeria. The reason is not just because a traffic rule suggests it but also for the safety and stress-free journey of the car owner.

But have you ever thought about all the things a flat tyre can do or can't do? Do you notice the difference between the tyre and your regular tyres? These and many others are what we will discussing right here on 8 fun facts about spare tyres. By the way, number 8 will shock you!

1. Spare tyres aren't made for long trips

A lot of people have a misconception about spare tyres that they are just like the regular tyres. So you can actually drive for as long as you like before you return back to the normal tyres. It actually doesn't work that way. A regular tyre can go for as long as 500 miles while the spare tyre should not go above 50 miles before it is removed. The idea is for you to drive to a mechanic shop and change it. There definitely should be a mechanic workshop or vulcaniser within a 50 mile radius from where your tyre got flat.


Spare tyres are often smaller than regular tyres

2. A spare tyre is specially made differently from regular tyres

Nigerian drivers buy just any tyre as spare. This is not as it should be. Spare tyres are actually made to be different from regular tyres. That's why they are smaller, look a bit different and are lighter. That's why sometimes you notice that a car has three regular tyres and one weird looking tiny one at the back. It's not a motorcycle tyre as most people think, it is a compact spare tyre. We'll come to spare tyre sizes in a minute.

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3. Spare tyres are lighter than regular tyres

Talking about weight, spare tyres are made to be lighter than the regular ones. Perhaps this is because it is usually carried in the trunk of the vehicle. A heavy tyre will weigh down the car and it won't accelerate as fast as it normally would. However, the size of the tyre also determines which is heavier. The less weight also makes it easy for you to install in the tyre in the car without stress. You won't want to be struggling with tightening a nut and holding a heavy tyre in place, then changing of tyres that can be done by just one person becomes a task for a team.

4. Spare tyres come in different sizes

Spare tyres come in full size and compact size. The two sizes are used for sedans and trucks. The compact ones are also lighter than the full size spare tyres. However, both are still lighter than regular tyres. The metal used on the wheels of these spares and the rubber are not as thick as those on regular tyres.

5. Spare tyres help in fuel efficiency

Spare tyres make a car more fuel efficient. When placed installed, they make the vehicle lighter than it normally is. Furthermore, the car won't need to expend the same quantity of fuel to be pushed or pulled forward (whether it is a front-wheel drive safe or rear wheel drive). Since there's no drag, less fuel is burnt.


The spare tyre has existed since 1900s

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6. Spare tyres are made for temporal use

Many people install their spare tyres and just drive as long as they like. That isn't what they are made for. They are actually made to be used briefly. Therefore, you should not drive for more than an hour before changing the spare tyre and putting back the regular one there. If for any reason you have driven on your spare tyre for more than 50 miles, look for a vulcaniser to have it checked for loose thread and wears. Their air pressure as well should be examined to ensure they don't go below the stipulated number.

7. A spare tyre doesn't run as fast as the regular tyre

Spare tyres are designed in a way that they can't run as fast as the regular ones. With the same pressure on your throttle, you might do a 120 kilometers per hour on a regular tyre but about 70 km/hr on a spare tyre pressure. It isn't a defect. In fact, it makes the fuel efficiency better.

8. You can sue a spare tyre maker for a defect

When your new spare tyre has a defect that leads to an accident, you can sue the company and even the distributor of that spare tyre brand. Just ensure you have every proof that it's the tyre's fault and you'll be smiling to the bank in no time.

With these fun fun facts about spare tyres, you should have better knowledge on how spare tyres work. This will go a long way in helping you drive safe and smart.

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