20 must-know facts about Nigeria’s best run sea port – Onne Sea-Port


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How much do you know about Nigeria's Onne Sea-port? Each of the 20 things discussed in this article about this port is a must-know for every Nigerian. See them!

Naijauto.com wouldn’t be complete as the best online car trading platform in Nigeria dealing in new and used cars without knowing much about the Onne Sea-Port – Nigeria’s best run seaport so far!

We wouldn’t claim to “know it all” though, but just from the little we have come to know so far about this Sea-port, we have made below an excerpt of some 20 must-know facts about the Onne Sea-Port;

1. The one and only Onne Port complex are located in River State on Bonny River Estuary.

2. The port is approximately 19 kilometers far from Port Harcourt.

3. This enormous Onne seaport spreads across three Local Government Areas – Ogu-Bolo, Eleme, and Bonny LGA – in Rivers state.

4. It covers a massive area of land reaching 2,538 hectares.

5. Onne seaport is among the biggest Oil and Gas logistic bases in West Africa

6. The port comprises two major facilities which are Federal Lighter Terminal & Federal Ocean Terminal.

7. It handles more than 65% of Nigeria’s export goods generally. According to revealed data by the NPA (Nigeria Port Authority), between 2012 and the year 2017 alone, the Onne seaport handled as much as 80% of export cargo in the country.


Onne port is among the West Africa’s biggest Oil and Gas logistic bases

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8. It is very well industrialized, equipped with modern equipment and facilities that would never need replacement or fail in many years to come.

9. This port is a multifunctional seaport. Meaning that apart from the operations of oil and gas, many other operations gets carried out in the port. Some of these activities include Containerized Cargoes, Oil well Equipment, Bulk Cargoes (Wet and Dry), General Cargoes, and many other logistic services as well.

10. Onne seaport is actually the first seaport in Nigeria that successfully operated the Landlord PORT model – which was pretty much devised for the encouragement of private sectors’ participation in the Nigerian port industry generally.

11. The port is positioned in an Oil and Gas Free Zone. This location has been recorded to be one of the world’s largest Oil & Gas Free Zone. The Zone fully supports the production and exploration activities for Nigeria. Meaning that it directly offers more logistics Oil Services for the Nigerian Oil & Gas industry both Offshore and Onshore. And as such, over 100 real companies are licensed to be operating at the port fully.

12. This Onne Free Zone alone has attracted FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) that is worth over ₦21.6 Trillion ($60 billion).

13. It is a very secure port as it is on “Security One” thereby creating a safer, more secure & customer-friendly atmosphere for most people to do business right there.

14. The Onne seaport is installed one of Africa’s biggest harbour mobile cranes – the Liebherr 600. This crane has a powerful lifting capacity as high as 230 metric tons of containers realistically.


If the Onne port wasn’t secured enough, you could guess what it would have been reduced to by now

15. The port has 12 deep berths, each of 12 meters currently and there are several ongoing plans to increase each of these berths to 19 meters.

16. In the year 2017, this Onne seaport was actually merged to just three Private Terminal Operators which are; West African Container Terminal, Brawal Shipping Limited, and Messrs Intel Nig. Ltd

17. The port was interestingly built in part by the Intels Nigeria Limited which had also refurbished the Onne port from 1982 up until the year 1995.

18. After the refurbishment of this port during 1980s, the Onne seaport’s FOT (Federal Ocean Terminal) Berth no. 1 became and remained the only berth used for deep offshore support in this port.

19. Just as you might have known or heard once, the Onne seaport is and still remains the most efficiently run seaport in Nigeria so far.

20. The organization “Intels Nigeria Limited” is still the biggest Oil & Gas logistics firm so far that is running at the Onne Free Zone till now. It has invested as much as ₦1.4 Trillion ($4 billion) on this very same Onne port over the years for development project and many more. It might be surprising for many to know that this company is actually owned by two business partners: Asiwaju Bola Tinubu and Atiku Abubakar.

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Onne Seaport always carry a busy atmosphere as cargo trucks, levers, ships and many more operating day and night

If you consider the fact that Oil and Gas is still currently the only backbone of Nigeria’s economy, then it shouldn’t be a wonder to you why this Onne seaport has been getting such amazing treatment and maintenance.

It’s one of the port that plays a huge role in our Oil sector till now.

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Oluwaseun Solomon
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