10 facts about the Almighty Lexus LFA – a legend from Japan


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As a car fan, did you know any of the facts about the Lexus LFA- a legendary model from Japanese-based luxury auto brand, Lexus?

The Lexus LFA’ fame has spread to every corner of the world. Why? It comes without mentioning that none of the supercars is aspirated naturally but need forced induction such as supercharged or turbocharged.

However, the Lexus LFA was a perfect exception with its 4.8 L V10 engine which can be naturally aspirated up to 552 HP; it’s worth the hype, right?


The Almighty Lexus LFA

Those are some basic information about this super vehicle, but actually, there are still some facts about the Lexus LFA that Naijauto.com are about to reveal right now!

1. The LFA’s orders                               

Lexus took orders for the Lexus LFA from October 23rd, 2009 to the end of the year but not until late 2010 did the company start to produce this vehicle.

In December 2012, the production came to an end with 500 cars completed, which means there were 20 LFAs built each month. It’s complicated to own an LFA, actually, as purchasers were chosen selectively by the company in April, May, and June of 2010.

All the vehicles were customized with customer’s specifications so their costs, mainly depended on different options and requirements.

2. The LFA’s Customization Possibilities

Since all the Lexus LFAs are customized, Lexus allows their customers to choose colors as well as leather upholstery, which means all the car’s body, door panels, seats, brake calipers, steering wheel, and wheels are built on the basis of customers’ orders.

Thus, if you conduct all the necessary combination and permutation, there comes with over 30 billion customization possibilities form 500 automobiles only.


There exist over 30 billion customization possibilities for 500 Lexus LFAs

3. The LFA’s prices

Lexus offered at least ₦135 million for each LFA, which is even much higher than that of the Rolls-Royce Wraith (N114 million). The car then ranks among the most costly Japanese road vehicles ever.

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4. The LFA’s production

Every single LFA car was hand-built at the Aichi-based Motomatchi plant of Toyota, and there was a production team including dedicated specialists and engineers who took responsibility for this process.

Specifically, each LFA’s V10 engine bore a signature of its assembler; for instance, if the car was assembled by Kazeem Rewire, his name would be crested on its engine and he would be held responsible for any technical mistakes.


The LFA comes with a signature of its assembler on the engine

5. The LFA’s redline

The engine’s redline can reach 9,000 rpm but when it goes with a fuel cut-off, the figure can jump to 9,500 rpm.

This technology was thought to avoid unexpected complications which come when the engine produces high RPM.

Toyota’s luxury division has claimed that its engine can be revved up from zero to the redline within 0.6s and changes in its engine speeds couldn’t be accurately tracked by an analog tachometer needle but by a digital tachometer that can immediately show engine speed.

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6. The LFA’s Tachometer

It comes with a surprise that the tachometer in the Lexus LFA can change its appearance based on a different driving mode.


A changeable tachometer features the supercar

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7. The LFA’s top speed

The car can reach the top speed of about 202 mph (325 km/h).

8. The LFA’s clutch

The LFA is equipped with a single clutch of the six-speed automated constant gearbox which is generated by using paddle-shifter.

9. The LFA’s engine’s position

According to the LFA project manager - Sunao Ichihara, it’s crucial to place the engine in front of the driver compartment (front layout) as that helps the vehicle’s limits more accessible. On the other hand, a mid-engine layout with the car’s engine put behind the rear passenger compartment provides higher dynamic limits.


The V10 engine at front layout can make the vehicle’s limits more approachable

10. Awards and praise for the LFA

 The Lexus LFA has earned many awards as well as praise from experts of the auto industry, which confirms its second to none design over and over again. To be more specific, a Car Magazine’s writer said:

Last night I’d had a nagging realization that the Lexus is actually a more exciting car than the Lamborghini. On this road, it’s confirmed with astonishing certainty. It’s not faster, but it’s more thrilling and more rewarding.

Road and Track put its name among top vehicles In Tokyo Auto Show held in 2009, meanwhile, Top Gear judged it as one among the 100 Sexiest Supercars of All Time. A year later, its V10 engine was called as “utterly intoxicating” and voted as the Best Engine of the Year by Evo UK. Besides, the automobile has received more honors, all from authorities worldwide.


The LFA has won many praise and rewards for itself

Which among the 10 facts about the Lexus LFA impresses you the most? For other mind-blowing car facts, don't forget to stay tuned with Naijauto.com!

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