10 facts about Honda: owner of the very first 4WD car in the world


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Regardless of how popular the brand is, there are still hundreds of things people don't know about Honda. So sit back and relax as we bring you the top 10 facts about Honda you probably never knew.

When Soichiro Honda and Takeo Fujisawa started the Honda company in the 19th century, they probably never knew it was going to turn out to be one of the biggest auto company in the world. The Japanese company which also manufactures aircrafts, bikes, robots, garden equipment, electricity generating sets alongside cars have stood tje test of time. With major completion from Toyota, Hyundai and others, Honda has remained the toast of many in Nigeria and even across the world. But regardless of how popular the brand is, there are still hundreds of things people don't know about Honda. So sit back and relax as Naijauto bring you the top 10 facts about Honda you probably never knew.

1. The Honda brand is over 70 years old

Founded in 1946, the Honda company was incorporated 2 years later and has churned out some of the best automobiles ever. Automobile companies like Tucker, Kaizer  Fraser, Saturn and the American motor corporation all didn't last up-to the 20th century - though they were all founded around same time as the Honda. But in the last 7 decades, Honda has broken lots of records and met unexpected milestones.


The Honda is one of the oldest car manufacturing brands in the world

2. Honda has been the largest bike manufacturer for 60 years and counting

Honda doesn't make cars alone as we stated earlier. In fact, they make some of the most ridden motorcycles in the world. This has landed the title as the largest manufacturer of motorcycles in the world - since 1959. How great is that? Reports show that the brand makes almost fifteen million combustion engines year in, year out and are not planning on slowing down anytime soon.

3. The first all-wheel drive in the world was made by Honda

In 1978, Honda set another record by making the first all-wheel drive ever in the world. The Honda Prelude which was made to be sporty and quite compact, is a two-door car that lasted for four generations. The making of the car was discontinued in 2001.

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4. Honda makes Acura cars

A lot of people used to believe that Acura was a European company because of the name "Acu" - which is latin. But Acura is actually a division of the Honda company. Acura cars were launched in 1986 when Honda wanted to branch out into making certain kinds of desirable SUVs. The first Acura that was launched is the Acura Legend - which became popular model in Nigeria in the early 2000's. The fuel economy SUV is definitely fit for Nigerian roads, it's comfortable and reliable. Keep in mind that the Acura is also the first luxury SUV brand in Japan.


Acura is the first luxury car brand by Japanese carmaker

5. Honda Passport was Honda's first SUV

In the early 1990's, SUVs started becoming popular - with many car manufacturers taking advantage of the growing trend. Honda in some form of partnership with Subaru Isuzu made launched the Honda passport in 1993. It was Honda's first SUV and can still be found on Nigerian roads. Production of this SUV was discontinued for a while and restarted again in 2018.

6. The Honda Civic hybrid battery life span is as long as the car's

In 2003, Honda launched the Honda Civic hybrid. This special vehicle was the first in its class to be a non-plug car. To add to the frenzy, the battery life of the Honda civic hybrid can last for as long as 10 years. This is pretty much the life expectancy of the car itself. On an average, car batteries last for about a hundred thousand miles (which is 7-8 years).

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7. Honda makes jets

Many people know Honda for cars and bikes. But in 2012 they started making aircrafts. They are proud manufacturers of the HA-420 which many celebrities and business people alike acquire as private jets. Honda has also been in the business of making aeroplane engines since 2004.


From manufacturing motorbikes to producing jets, Honda conquered them all

8. The Honda factory in Nigeria is the first in Africa

In July 2015, Honda launched its first factory in Nigeria. Good thing, it's located in Nigeria. They also began production and assembling of Honda vehicles at the plant. The Honda Accord was the first model they started with.

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9. Honda is the 8th largest car manufacturer in the world

In 2001, Honda dealerships became the second largest producer of cars in Japan - only second to the Toyota. It has remained that way since then. The fierce competition between both brands even made them rank high world wide as well. Presently, Honda is the 8th largest car manufacturer in the world. They have a market value that is far more than that of the Ford and General Motors put together.


Honda first plant in Africa - coincidentally in Nigeria!

10. The Honda Civic was launched mainly to save fuel

When the Honda Civic was launched, the main idea behind it was to get a vehicle that can help save fuel. In the mid 90's there was serious fuel crisis in the world and the Honda civic made at the time could put out up to 40 miles per gallon. Since then till date, the Honda civic still remains amongst the top 10 most fuel efficient vehicles ever produced.

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