10 facts about the Bugatti Chiron setting new world speed record at 304mph


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Only a few people know the true facts about the Bugatti Chiron's 304mph new world speed record that was just set. Check out 10 of these facts here!

Many auto enthusiasts all around the world including our team here at Naijauto felt the thrills on the 2nd of August 2019, when Andy Wallace – a test driver for Bugatti, took a near-production prototype of the new Chiron nicknamed “Thor” for a history-changing ride in one Volkswagen owned test facility at Ehra-Lessian where a new world speed record of 304.7mph was set.

There are definitely some exciting underlying facts and stories we have discovered about this incredible speed record achieved by the Chiron.


Meet the amazing Bugatti Chiron “Thor” version that finally broke the 300mph barrier

Below we have highlighted and briefed amazing facts about the new speed record set by the Bugatti Chiron. See them;

1. It took 6months of tweaking the Chiron

It literally took the engineers at Michelin, Chassis Wizards Dallara, and Bugatti complete six rigorous months of tweaking out the standard ₦1.1billion ($3 million) Bugatti Chiron to become the new speed demon “Thor” that broke the 300mph barrier.

This tweaked Chiron ended up being 23cm (10-inch) longer than the regular one.


The Chiron that hit 304mph is a 23cm (10-inch) longer “Thor” version

2. Some Upgrades were made

Just like we earlier mentioned above, the 304mph Chiron did not only get tweaks but also got several upgrades made to it. Below are is a list of the notable ones;

  • Upgraded 8.0L quad-turbo W16 engine (produces 1,578bhp instead of the standard 1,479bhp)
  • A new set of Michelins tyres (withstand more heat)
  • Some Aerodynamic tweaks


The Bugatti Chiron that broke the 300mph had a ton of tiny tweak jobs done on it by different expert engineers

3. It was done with the power of four different Mercedes-AMG SUVs

Yes, you read that right!

The 304mph record-breaking Bugatti Chiron had a massive 1,578bhp which is the approximate power of four different units of the 2021 Mercedes-AMG GLE 53 4Matic Coupes and also an equivalent of three different unit of the 2020 BMW X6 M50i coupe-SUVs. Quite some power, huh?


This modified Bugatti Chiron that hit 304mph is a powerful beast on wheels

4. First-ever Hypercar to break the 300mph barrier

In a league of Hypercars, this new “Thor” Bugatti Chiron is the first to ever register such an official landmark speed, beating up the previous Hennessey Venom F5 and also the ₦1.1billion ($3 million) Koenigsegg Jesko.

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5. How much distance does 304mph (490.484km/h) speed covers in a second?

In case you are wondering; why the hype of 304mph or how is such a speed, in reality, going to look like?

Well, at such a speed of 304mph which is equivalent to 490.484km/h; the “Thor” Bugatti Chiron was actually covering an incredible distance of about 136meters in a second.

Yes, that is like practically covering the entire length of a world-class football pitch (90 to 120 meters) in less than one second. Crazy, huh?


The modified Chiron at 304mph was covering a distance that is more than that of a football pitch in one second

6. The Chiron could even reach 320mph

The Bugatti Chiron would have achieved a whopping 320mph top speed if it had not been tested in the Volkswagen owned test facility at Ehra-Lessien but rather on the Nevada straight track where the Koenigsegg Agera RS set its 278mph record in the year 2017.

The reason for this assumption is the fact that the Ehra-Lessien German test track is about 10% thicker than the Nevada straight track. It is also just about 50m above sea level whereas the Nevada test track is 1,036m above sea level.

7. The same driver drove McLaren F1 to a previous speed record

Believe or not; Andy Wallace is the driver that just drove this new Bugatti Chiron to a record-breaking 304mph in 2019 and coincidentally the same driver that drove the McLaren F1 to a record-breaking 241.1mph top speed back in the year 1998.

We can jokingly say Andy Wallace pumped extra 64mph in 2019 to break his 1998 speed record.

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8. It took 4,100 tyre rotation per minute to achieve

The modified Chiron made use of Michelin Sport Cup II tyres that were metallic thread-reinforced and records show that these tyres rotated at 4,100 times per minute to achieve the 304mph speed.

The lack of such tyres like this has made Bugatti officially limit the speed of the Chiron to 261mph (420km/h) or 233-236mph (375-380km/h) restricted speed for the safety of customers.

Bugatti Chiron Hits 304.77 MPH

9. The 304mph is not yet a Guinness world record

Oh yes! Even with all the 304mp hype, you will see everywhere from the news to auto communities; this Longtail “Thor” Bugatti Chiron has only achieved the amazing 304mph speed in one direction only.

In order for this Chiron to enter the Guinness World Records, it will need to be driven in left and right directions at two runs each, then an average of its recorded speed for all of the run will now be considered for the World Record.

So, like it or not; the Koenigsegg Agera RS still holds the Guinness title of the “World’s fastest production car”.


The Koenigsegg Agera RS is still the “World’s fastest production car” in 2019 according to Guinness official records

10. Bugatti says it's no more chasing any speed record

As much as many enthusiasts would love to see the Chiron finally make all of the necessary runs for the official Guinness speed record; Bugatti has sadly announced that it would not be chasing speed records anymore. The automaker rather claims that it has already achieved its goal of becoming the first car manufacturer to break the popular 300mph speed barrier.

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