Factors that distinguish Range Rover from others


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Range Rover is popular among car users, making it a strong contender for the readers champion awards. Check out the features that make it everyone's favorite!

Range Rover is very close to being the icon of icons in Autocar’s Readers Champion Awards. Every day, a new team member champions one of the 17 cars, but the award will go to only one brand, and it’s up to readers to make that decision.

The publication says this should be a criterion to get a job on their payroll. A good motoring journalist should be able to create a strong argument with reasons to backup claims.

Factors that distinguish the Range Rover from others

1. Influence

Influence is one thing the Range Rover has going for it. The SUV car market would be very different today if Gordon Bashford and Spen King had not come to the realization that it was time to create a well-behaved, decent and articulate Land Rover that was good for the road and off the road back in the late 1960s.

If the early produced Range Rovers didn’t show the untapped potentials of the emergent SUV as a flawless luxury car, we’d probably not have brands like Honda CR-V, Seat Ateca or a Rolls-Royce Cullinan today.


The Range Rover fleet looks intimidating

2. Indispensable

The Range Rover isn’t the only car with this kind of influence, but not many of them are indispensable to the companies manufacturing them. For instance, Mazda will be okay in the absence of MX-5, Fiat Chrysler can also function without the Jeep Wrangler and the Fiat 500. For a company the size of BMW, no single model can be said to be too small to fail: 3 series and Mini are not exempted.

Over half of Land Rover’s model range now has a touch of Range Rovers. Taking a look at the latest Range Rover as well as its subordinate descendants, one will see that it’s the generator of over two-thirds of the European sales volume of Land Rover. Suffice to say, it’s indispensable to brands such as Jaguar Land Rover as well as the British auto industry – you can’t find a brand without the big brother.

3. Brilliance

Range Rover has unbeatable brilliance. It’s by all standards the only world-class car being manufactured by the UK. It’s supremacy in its niche is unrivaled. It’s way ahead its competitors. Before brands like Rolls-Royce and Bentley came to have a part of the market, Range Rover was the only SUV that was generally recognized as a truly luxurious car. Indeed, its luxury was unique and tailor-made. That was the one difference the third generation L322 is known to have made. Till this day, it remains the most enduring BMW’s gift to the legend known as Range Rover.


The supreme luxury vibe of a Range Rover is undeniable

4. Authenticity

Richness and luxury are characteristics that Range Rover easily oozes. Regardless, it has remained true to itself without letting these things rub off its identity. When you take a proper look at it, you’ll see many traces of a true Land Rover. This is very commendable because most brands often get lost in their quest to dominate their market and be in the good books of consumers.

Range Rover can take in about a meter of water, boasts of ground clearance of about 275mm, covers a tow of three and a half tonnes and has clearance angles above 27deg when its air springs are jacked up.

5. Likeability

A car can have some awesome features without actually being likeable. People who regarded themselves as anti-SUV have had to change their thought pattern after taking a ride in a Range Rover because its performance was beyond their expectations. This doesn’t come as a surprise because the luxury vehicle has the capacity to do everything required for an enjoyable ride.

Naijauto.com can attest that if you are looking for something faulty about the Range Rover, you’ll have to look for a very long time because it’s a great car by default.

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