FAAN refutes claim on ban of Uber and Bolt from airports


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The Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria has refuted the claim that the agency has placed ban on the use of Uber and Bolt around airport area. See full gist!

Earlier today, a rumour was spreading like wildfire on a possible prohibition of Uber and Bolt at the Lagos airports. As we write, the Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) has debunked any claim of such as passengers at airports are allowed to use any means of transportation upon arrival or departure anywhere in the country.


FAAN has refuted any claim of banning Uber and Bolt taxis operating around airport area

Amidst these speculations, a Twitter user yesterday tweeted, saying:

“So @FAAN_Official has issued a directive via this billboard to state that @UberNigeria @Boltapp_ng amongst others are not allowed to pick up passengers from the airport.

“The fine for this ranges from 10,000 naira. Please be aware.”

So far, the agency in the person of Henrietta Yakubu, who happens to be the General Manager of FAAN, has refuted such claim. Yakubu disclosed this during a statement sent to the media house in the country. According to the GM, the agency has nothing to do with the restriction notice on the billboard.


Uber and other ride hailing companies will continue to operate their businesses at airports across the country

She said:

“A group of persons did that without recourse to FAAN management. Please disregard. Members of the public are free to be dropped at our airports by whatever means of transportation,”

A passenger identified as Tayo, while speaking to a news outfit, also revealed his personal experience with Bolt. He said:

“When I arrived at Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport on Saturday, I requested a taxi through Bolt. After I located the driver and got in the car, he pleaded that he wanted to delete the app from his phone,” Tayo said.

“When I asked why he said they were not allowed to pick up passengers from the airport and if he is caught he would have to pay a fine. He said the airport taxi drivers are against them.”

The continued patronage of Uber and Bolt around airport area is due to the prices of their fare, which according to users are relatively cheaper.

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