Take a look at the exquisite interior of this one-off Rolls Royce Phantom painted by 84 year-old SA artist


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An iconic 84 year-old painter from South Africa has created a stunning interior work on an 8th-generation Rolls-Royce Phantom. See her unique work here!

We all know that Rolls Royce models, without any enhancement, are a delight in terms of impressive and mouthwatering looks. Take a minute and imagine how the inside of a Rolls-Royce will look like when it gets a makeover in the hands of a brilliant ethnic painter. Such is the case with Dr. Esther Mahlangu, world’s famous artist from South Africa, who made a name for her herself when she painted the BMW 7-Series interior 4 years back.


The "Mahlangu Phantom" is one of the creative works of the iconic 84 year-old South African painter

Regarding this current project, the paint maestro was called to work on the top-of-the-range Phantom 8 by Rolls Royce. This was prior to a request from a highly rated customer who personally demanded the distinctive Ndebele artwork by Dr. Mahlangu, to be displayed inside his custom-made Rolls Royce Phantom.


Dr. Esther Mahlangu has emerged as the first South African to work on a luxury Rolls Royce model

The gallery fitted inside the 8th-generation Phantom is displayed on the space in the dashboard. This is solely to give a customer the feel of this masterpiece since it will be facing the occupants of the car.


The one-off Rolls-Royce with the Ndebele-inspired-artwork was displayed recently in Cape Town, South Africa

With this creation, the 84-year-old Mahlangu becomes the very first South African artist to create an artwork for the British luxury marque. The stunning and distinctive design dubbed “The Mahlangu Phantom” was created as a way of paying tribute to the most revered living artist in Africa.

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Dr Esther Mahlangu Rolls-Royce Phantom 1 of 1 | Rolls-Royce One of One 2020

According to the Regional Director of Rolls Royce Motor Cars in the Middle East and Africa, Cesar Habib:

“I am delighted to unveil ‘The Mahlangu Phantom’, a striking expression of contemporary African art. The Gallery is a unique environment for patrons of our marque to express personal and often highly creative artworks. We are indeed honoured to showcase Dr. Mahlangu’s work in this Phantom’s serene interior,”


The interior masterpiece created by this iconic painter was to honor every African artiste with proceeds to be donated to her exhibitions

This beautiful interior design was unveiled on 13 February this year at the Melrose Gallery One&Only in Cape Town, South Africa. We learned this car was on the display stand in the period of 13th Feb to 16th Feb 2020. A portion of the Mahlangu Phantom” sales will doled out to Dr. Mahlangu’s art school as a way of supporting her incredible life story through exhibitions.

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