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If you think toy cars are only for kids, then check out these most expensive toy cars in the world that only truest enthusiasts of this type of vehicle dare dent their pockets for.

Growing up, every guy wanted to own a toy car. It was a thing of pride to have one of the finest toys in the street. Other kids would envy you. This mindset is also noticed in actual car ownership. Everyone wants to own the best car in the fleet. Most of the time you'll have to spend a great fortune if you intend to attain that goal. Children these days also have similar desires, and lots of parents don't actually mind providing their kids with toys they seek.

Remote car manufacturing companies have all taken advantage of that to build some great toy cars - with many of them even valued higher than some foreign used Toyotas and Hondas of this world. These cars aren't only for kids, but also for hobbyists, professional toy car racers (yes, they exist) and even for music videos or movie uses. If you're interested in knowing, here are some of the most expensive toy cars in the world currently, brought to you by!

1. The Freefly Tero (N2 million)

The Freefly Tero is a remote control car that can be controlled for fun or used for making video recordings. It comes with an electric engine, rugged hard tires, properly engineered chassis, and control device. It's quite fast but won't do so well on the race track with other toy cars like the Vekta 5. It goes for about 2 million nairas.


The Freefly Tero toy car costs up to 2 million naira

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2. The Mad Max 2 Road Warrior Interceptor (N500,000)

There are a lot of toy cars that look like several Ferrari, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz models. But others are inspired by movies where bespoke cars were used. The Autoart Mad Max 2 road warrior interceptor obviously comes from the Mad Max 2 movie. The car goes for close 500,000 nairas. Though it might not be able to do the stunts those in the movie did but is definitely worth the purchase.


The Mad Max 2 Road warrior interceptor is a bit cheaper

3. The RC Toyota Hilux (N300,000)

Toyota Hilux trucks are very popular in Nigeria, especially around construction sites. Now imagine the toy car version. It will definitely run other toy cars off the race tracks. The RC Toyota Hilux toy car is produced by Tamiya, a subsidiary of the Toyota Motor company. It's stylish, sophisticated and definitely worth it's 300,000 naira price tag.

Video: RC scale crawler Toyota Hilux makes an adventure trip! Nice R/C truck!

4. The Fazer Ferrari (N400,000)

As earlier stated, lots of toy cars take the shape and style of some real-life cars and the Kyosho company are known for making some of the finest replicas. If you have played Die-cast arcade games, you would notice how creative and technological they get with their cars. They did this with the Fazer Ferrari and it's definitely worth the value. This high-end toy car goes for close to 400,000 nairas.


The Fazer Ferrari

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5. The Lamborghini Murcielago (N400,000)

Oh, this isn't the real-life model. The toy car version of the Lamborghini Murcielago is quite pricey. It also goes for the same price as the Fazer Ferrari, and yes you guessed right - it's also made by the Kyosho company. The car carries almost the same spec as what is attainable in the actual vehicle.


This Lamborghini Murcielago toy car has done a good job in copying the original's specs

6. The Kraken Vekta 5 (N1.2 million)

As mentioned above, it's a race toy car. The Vekta 5 is used by toy car racers and hobbyists to entertain and even earn some cool cash from racing. It's also an off-road vehicle. This means you can actually run it on some bad Nigerian roads and it won't get badly damaged. The car is quite bigger than your typical car. In fact, 10 of it properly arranged is equal to the size of an average sedan. The Kraken Vekta 5 is sold for about 1.2 million naira.


The Vekta 5 by Kraken is a formidable off-roader

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7. Hot bodies racing E817 model (N600,000)

Hot bodies racing cars are usually electric toy vehicles you can easily remote control. But the E817 model uses nitro! So imagine having a typical Fast and Furious grade vehicle as a toy car! Amazing, right? Well, it doesn't come cheap though. You can get a unit for yourself or your kids for close to 600,000 nairas.


The Hot bodies racing E817 model

8. The Traxxas XO-1 (N250,000)

Many people know Traxxas for their huge trucks with rugged tires that can climb almost anything. But it's worthy to note that they also make remote control toy cars.

In fact, they are proud manufacturers of the fastest toy car in the world - the Traxxas XO-1. Those who can afford it and don't mind the speed use it for racing and of course, always win. The vehicle goes for close to 250,000 nairas and can attain 100 miles per hour in about 4 seconds! How fast can a toy car be? It's definitely worth the money as it can even compete with some popular cars you know.


The Traxxas XO-1 is the fastest toy car in the world

There are a lot of other pricey toy cars that go for over a hundred thousand nairas. Many are made by Kyosho - like the Ultima, Komatsu, and Inferno. With this list of the most expensive toy cars in the world, you can make a decision when purchasing for yourself or kids.

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