Expect these 8 types of road users when travelling in Nigeria


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If you pay a bit more attention while driving in Lagos, you can easily classify those you encounter as one of these 8 types. For now, let's check which one you are!

Just like any other country in the world, Nigeria has their own distinctive cultures expressed through shopping habit, eating manner and even driving pattern. In a chaotic street like one in Lagos, you should not be surprised that there are close to 10 types of people that frequent these roads. 

Below are brief descriptions of those people you are expected to see on Nigerian roads.

traffic in Nigeria

Look at this traffic flow, how many types can you spot?

1.The local pro

No matter how many medals you have won or how many countries you have traveled to, if you couldn't survive a ride on the road of Nigeria, you still have a long way to go my friend. Driving on a Lagos road is like playing Need for Speed with Ultra Hard mode, and these people ace it. Smoothly driving through the crowded street unscratched is the most obvious evidence proving these guys local professionals. And who knows how long it takes them to master that skill?

2. The toxic mouth

Don't take it personally because these people will curse no matter you're black or white, foreigner or native. They would yell at you for no apparent reason and if you listen to them, you'd see yourself as a horrible person or even evil. So just ignore them and be on your way when you encounter one of these people.

a black man in car cursing at something

They will curse at you like you're the scum of the earth! In this case, just smile and walk away.

3. The sneaky

No matter what vehicle they are driving, bike, motorbike, car, or dare I say, truck, they always try to look for the tiniest space to sneak through. They broke the queue, switch lanes in an unpredictable manner and terrify a lot of people. And only when there's no possible way to keep moving, they try to sneak back, causing as much annoyance as the way they left.

4. The escort driver

This type of drivers is somewhat similar to the one above, driving recklessly and without manner. Though their acts are sometimes justifiable because they are simply doing their job, people still feel a distaste for them because they often jump the queue and cut lanes to get to their destination.

an escort driver in a black suit

These people often resort to their status and duty to justify their reckless act

5. The racer-to-be

In the region of Abuja, there is a track that is perfectly designed for racers as there's no speed limit, plus the road is wide and well built. This road network belongs to the federal and therefore their quality is top-notch. Travelling here, you can enjoy seemingly racing cars every minute.

6. The road "lawyer"

These people are like another "branch" of the second type ( the toxic mouth), but with reasoning. They always do their best and are pretty good at it, to justify their acts, and in the end, somehow they win, using their strong and firm rhetoric to outspeak other more gentle drivers.

7. The learners

We have almost nothing to complain about them, really. After all, they are still learning to know what buttons to push and how to veer the wheel. Just pay close attention to these people by looking at the sign "L" in the back and front of their cars. Otherwise, you might end up having an accident due to an unexpected jerk or something similar from these novice hands.

a black man in car showing Learner's sign

Just pay attention to their presence on road and keep a safe distance from them

8. The horn abuser

They act like they have an unlimited amount of battery energy and there are thousands of cars going at snail pace in front of them. In fact, they would do the same when there's literally no one around! I don't know why these people can do that for so long because even I myself get annoyed by my own honking sound.

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