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These cars are not just regular cars you see on the roads. They are extremely costly hyper-cars. Check out the exotic supercars that sold out before release!

While you are dreaming, some people are already making it happen. These are not just cars; they are super expensive cars that only the fragment of the entire population in the planet could afford to buy. One peculiar thing about our list is that these supercars are exclusively reserved to be purchased by the affluent. So, if you are still in the class of those making millions of naira annually, keep working hard, you might get one for yourself in the future. Check out our compiled list of exotic hyper-cars sold out before release on Naijauto!

1. McLaren Speedtail

This Speedtail is the first Hyper GT and the fastest product of McLaren since the beginning of the company manufacturing of supercars. It is a 3 seat-center drive super car with a peak speed of 250 miles per hour in 1,0350 bhp. The supercar accelerates from a standstill of 0-185mph in 12.8 seconds. Speedtail was sold for $2.25m (₦810m) and only 106 units would be manufactured. Owners will start getting deliveries in year 2020.


Though sold out, but deliveries will commence by year 2020

2. Bugatti Divo

If you do not own Bugatti Chiron, forget about buying this $5.8m (₦2.1b Naira) supercar. The sales of the hyper-car are reserved exclusively for those driving Chiron. There are lot of similarities in the engine of the Divo and Chiron. You get to enjoy a maximum power of 1479bhp in 8-litre quad-turbo W16 engine. Divo has a top speed of 236 mph with acceleration from a standstill of 0-64mph in 2.4 secs. The 40 units that were produced have been totally sold out even before Bugatti even launched it.


If you do not own a Chiron by Bugatti, getting Divo might be pretty difficult

3. Ferrari’s Monza (SP1 1-Seater and SP2 2-Seater Speedsters)

We all know Ferrari for speed and crazy performance. Did you know that Ferrari’s Monza SP1 1-Seater and SP2 2-Seater Speedsters emerge as the company’s most powerful cars ever? With dual 800 horsepower, the hyper-cars powered by the Italian automaker, Ferrari has 812 Super fast’s 6.5-liter V12 engine. These topless hyper-cars are indeed special editions. They run at an excess peak speed of 186 miles per hour. they accelerate from a standstill from zero to 60mph in 2.9 secs. The company is building just 500 pieces of these and each one of them cost $1.4m (₦508 million).


The SP1 1-Seater and SP2 2-Seater Speedsters remain the most powerful cars produced by Ferrari till date

4. Aston Martin Valkyrie

This iconic luxury British automaker, Aston Martin, is set out to build already purchased 150 units of Valkyrie (Road-going) and 25 units of track only AMR pro versions. Each of them was bought for $3.2m (₦1.2b). It will be powered by Cosworth V8 Formula 1 engine (2.4 liter) in 1,130 horsepower (11,000rpm). This Aston Martin Valkyrie is set to become the highest revving supercar ever made.

The First FULLY OPERATING Aston Martin Valkyrie! (exclusive)

5. Mercedes-AMG One

This hyper-car comes in one plug-in hybrid variant of a sports car. Mercedes-AMG One is an optimally effective combination of regular Formula 1 hybrid technology and incredible race track performance. It is powered by a V6 gasoline engine (1.6 liter), which is injected directly and supported electrically by single turbocharging. 275 units of this amazing supercar will be manufactured with each valued at $2.72 million (₦976m). Unfortunately for eager buyers, all the units are already sold out.


With the cost of $2.72 million (₦976m), the 271 pieces produced are already sold out

6. McLaren Senna

McLaren has a remarkable reputation for production of supercars. So, we are not really surprised that another production is already sold out. This car is a tribute to Ayrton Senna, the legendary Formula 1 driver. This supercar from McLaren, 720S based Senna runs on a 789 horsepower with a twin turbocharged V8 (4.0 liter) engine.

The company has decided to reduce its production to just 500 cars. Remarkably, used McLaren Senna was sold at the Barrett-Jackson’s Scottsdale auction for a whopping $1.45 million. This is about $485k higher than the price of Senna base. Except you get someone that is ready to resell at ridiculous price, your chance of buying out of the 500 units is slim.


Despite 500 units of this $1.45 million worth of McLaren Senna made, you still cant get any to buy

7. Koenigsegg Jesko

When you hear the name “Koenigsegg”, the first model that comes to your mind is Agera. This is because of Agera record breaking insane engine power of 1,368 horsepower. This Jesko stands as the Agera’s successor, with a re-designed twin turbo V8 (5.0 liter) engine. When using standard gasoline, it has the capacity to produce 1280 horsepower and when you decide to use E85 biofuel, it generates 1600 horsepower. The company is only interested in manufacturing 124 pieces with two variants at around forty to fifty pieces every year. Koenigsegg Jesko will be sold for $3 million.


Koenigsegg Jesko has already been sold out for $3 million. Try harder!

8. Lamborghini Centenario

At the popular Geneva Motor Show, Lamborghini Centenario was unveiled in 2016 to mark Ferruccio Lamborghini, the company’s founder centurion birthday. The hyper-car has the capacity to generate 759 horsepower and V12 (upgraded) from the Aventador. The Italian automaker produced only 40 pieces of this supercar. Lamborghini Centenario is valued at $1.9 million (₦684 million).


This sold out Lamborghini hyper-car was named after the company's founder, Ferruccio Lamborghini

9. McLaren P1 hypercars

This is the heir to the F1, which makes use of Formula 1 hybrid and its technology. It runs on a twin-turbo engine (3.8 liter) with a pre-installed developed electric motor. When you combine the two together, it can generate 903 horsepower. All the P1 supercars produced are already sold out, with each priced at $1.15 million (₦414m).


This McLaren supercar runs on hybrid technology of F1. Valued at $1.15m, it is already out of sales

10. Ferrari FXX K

The last and not the least on our list of supercars that are already sold out before release is Ferrari FXX K. Seems like McLaren and Ferrari are consistent brands on this list. FXX K, a high performance limited track supercar by Italian automaker, Ferrari, is the heir to the popular FXX and the 599XX. Only forty pieces of this supercar were produced and each comes at a whopping price of ₦1.1b.

LaFerrariFXX K | Chris Harris Drives | Top Gear

Final take

If you think you have the money and you are interested in getting anyone of these supercars, you might need to pay ridiculously to transfer the ownership or locate any of the dealership that got more than a unit.

After taking a look at the exotic supercars that sold out before release, which of these luxury super cars caught your fancy?

All the best in your pursuit!

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