Can you use syringes, batteries & wood to build an Excavator & dump Truck like this Nigerian boy?


Posted by: Oluwaseun Solomon

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Nigeria’s got talent, isn’t it?

News update like this always makes us happy here at seeing talented Nigerian youths being passionate about auto-related innovations. Unfortunately, it's not one we get to see often!

Just a few months ago, a young Nigerian auto genius builds a mini excavator at 12 (you can check details in the link) and today, another 15-year-old boy surprised us with his hand-made excavator and dump truck.

The boy who goes by the name Hope Emmanuel hails from Akwa Ibom state in Nigeria. He has been wowing everyone in his community with his unbelievable engineering talents at such a young age.

This teenage boy has recently used condemned laptop batteries, woods and syringes to create a mini functional excavator and tipper, together with a change over switch which he uses to control them.


Hope Emmanuel – Nigerian boy with impressive engineering talents is operating his mini Excavator and Dump truck

Hope Emmanuel was even featured in a recent BBC Pidgin Minute story where he stated that his big dream is to become one of the world’s greatest inventors like Michael Faraday and Nicholas Tesla.

In his statement, he said;

“When people see me on the street operating my excavator and tipper, they are usually surprised. Some of them dash me the money”

“The first time I saw an excavator, I thought, oh, let me just try this. I did the skeleton part and the flex, but it was not all that enough, like how to get them to move was my problem. I then thought of the idea of using a drip-set replacing the hose in the real excavator and the syringe works as the boom.

“For the tipper remote, I used a change over-switch for the forward and backward drive. I used condemned laptop batteries as my source of power in the tipper.”

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Hope Emmanuel pictured working on his amateur engineer workbench at a corner in his home

When asked about his next project, he said;

“My next project will be a Payloader that can work and a Helicopter that will fly with wireless remote. In the future, I want to be one of the world’s greatest inventors”

You can watch the original BBC Pidgin One Minute Story of Hope Emmanuel here.

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Oluwaseun Solomon
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