Ex-Governor of Bauchi allegedly sold government ₦150m Armored SUVs for just ₦7.8m to himself


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Several disputes are rising up as committee alleged that Bauchi state's Ex-Governor sold government-owned cars to himself at a shocking cheaper prices. Read more here!

Naijauto isn’t yet sure which side to support in the current heated arguments about Bauchi state Ex-Governor’s alleged purchase of government-owned vehicles for ridiculously cheaper prices.

In a new report by the Funds and Assets Recovery Committee of the current Bauchi state government, Mohammed Abubakar – the immediate Ex-governor was alleged of selling up to 7 different government-owner expensive luxury vehicles all to himself for a meagre ₦19,877,275 just after he left office on the 29th of May, 2019.


Meet Mohammed Abubakar – the immediate ex-governor of Bauchi State

While delivering the news reports, Alhaji Umar Ningi, the current Bauchi State’s FARC Public Relations Officer 1 said;

“This is a car you can get for about ₦150m, but the former governor, Mohammed Abubakar, sold it to himself for just ₦7.8m,”

“Other vehicles includes a Toyota Landcruiser V8 with chassis number JTMHX09J8D4050814, sold at ₦2.8m; Toyota Hilux, with chassis number MROFX22G2F1436641, sold at the cost of ₦1.05m; and a Toyota Hilux, with chassis number MROFX22G701415100, sold at  ₦1.05m.”

“Others are a Range Rover SUV with chassis number SALWA2VF3EA366819, sold at the cost of ₦2.9m, a Range Rover SUV with chassis number SALLSAAD4DA800170, sold at the cost of ₦2.1m, and a Range Rover SUV with chassis number SALLSAAD4DA81373, sold at the cost of ₦2.1m.”

Alhaji Umar Ningi also stated that the actions of the ex-governor violate the provisions within the states’ Budget Monitoring, Price Intelligence and Public Procurement Law of 2008.

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Ali M. Ali – the alleged Ex-governor’s Special Adviser says all the vehicle purchases were legal

On a complete flip side, Ali M. Ali – the alleged Ex-governor’s Special Adviser justified the vehicle purchases in his response to journalists via a WhatsApp chat of Friday 4th of Oct. 2019 with the below quoted words;

“Our attention has been drawn to the rehash of the several ‘sins’ of former Governor of Bauchi State, Mohammed Abubakar while in office and presented as ‘fresh’ evidence of his corruption and abuse of office.”

“These are gross distortions. The law provides that users of government vehicles that have been in use for upwards of three years are at liberty to purchase them.”

“The vehicles in question have been in use for more than four years. The law provides that they can be sold at 10 per cent of the book value. It is, therefore, perplexing that the committee is alleging foul play here.”

“As a matter of fact, the Hilux vehicles that constituted the former governor’s convoy had engine change due to wear and tear associated with convoy duties.”

So, who is right and who is wrong?

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