The evolution of the Toyota Supra over time: you will be amazed!


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The legend of Toyota has come back: Toyota Supra 2019. Let see how this model has changed since 1978!

People may not know that Talk about Toyota Supra has gone a long run since 1978. At the beginning years, it shared a platform with the Celica but then, separated as a standalone in 1986.

Toyota Supra is such a good product that its 1994 version even goes faster than the Porsche 928GT. Its braking system which was inspired by Formula 1 ranked the best among 7-year-produced cars, earning the great fame on the market. Besides, like a chameleon, Toyota Supra can transform easily from a Sleeper Car to a Super Car. All of those make this model much of Paul Walker favorite.

a toyota supra 2019

Toyota Supra 2019 – the super product of upcoming future

Let view back to its evolution over time with

a toyota supra 1978

Toyota Supra 1978

a toyota supra 1986

Toyota Supra 1986

a toyota supra 1987

Toyota Supra 1987

a toyota supra 1990

Toyota Supra 1990

a toyota supra 1994

Toyota Supra 1994

Video: The Evolution Of The Toyota Supra

And Toyota Supra 2019:

Toyota Supra 2019

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