Bad news for Rolls-Royce as EU bans illuminated hood ornament in Europe


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New reports confirm that the European Union has recently banned the illuminated ‘Spirit of Ecstasy’ bonnet ornament of Rolls-Royce cars. Read more!

Believe it or not, fresh reports confirm that the European Union has recently placed a ban on the beautiful illuminated “Spirit of Ecstasy” hood ornament on Rolls-Royce cars in Europe. This will definitely sadden owners of Rolls-Royce cars in Europe as well as prospective customers because the illuminated hood ornament is a distinctive feature in most new Rolls-Royce cars.


Rolls-Royce car owners in Europe can no longer have an illuminated hood ornament as it is now banned in the region

The illuminated “Spirit of Ecstasy” was first introduced with the all-electric 102EX concept in 2011 and soon became available on the previous-gen Ghost, the Wraith, the Culinan, the Dawn and the Phantom. The hood ornament is an emblematic feature that adds to the uniqueness of Rolls-Royce cars. It is one feature that usually grabs people’s attention to a Rolls-Royce car especially the illuminated version.

This makes it so special and close to the heart of Rolls-Royce car owners apart from the fact that newer versions of the ornament cannot be stolen. As a matter of fact, we even published an article sometimes ago to explain the top reasons why the “Spirit of Ecstasy” hood ornament in Rolls-Royce cars can never be stolen.

Even though the illuminated “Spirit of Ecstasy” hood ornament appeals to car lovers, it is unfortunately seen by the European Union as a form of “light pollution” and this is the reason why they banned the feature. While this may be slightly bad news for prospective Rolls-Royce car owners, it is actually a terrible inconvenience for old owners because they have to remove the ₦1.8million ($4,570) feature from their cars and have it replaced.

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For those interested in confirming if the “Spirit of Ecstasy” ornament of RR cars can be stolen or not, watch this demo video below;

  Stealing the "Spirit of Ecstasy" - Rolls Royce Emblem

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