Ethiopian air crash lawsuit: Widow seeks $276m damages from Boeing


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Ethiopian air crash widow takes Boeing to court after losing her husband in the crash. Guess what she's claiming in punitive damages? See details below!

It appears the last has not been heard about the tragic Ethiopian air crash of March 2019 that led to the deaths of 157 persons, including passengers and crew. This time, a French woman and widow of Jonathan Seex, who died in the air mishap, is claiming $276 million in a US district court from the aircraft manufacturer. The amount translates to around 99.6 billion naira.

Following the March disaster and a similar incident involving the same aircraft, the Boeing 737 Max, tens of aggrieved families have headed to court, claiming Boeing was culpable for not adequately warning air crews and pilots about a glitch in control software. According to the allegations, the malfunction in the software leads to possible stalling of engines, resulting in the nose of the aircrafts diving.


The tragedy named Ethiopian airline flight 302 cost 157 lives

The prior incident claimed 189 lives when a Boeing Max aircraft operating under Lion Air insignia went into a forced dive off the coast of Indonesia. The two incidents drew wide condemnation, leading countries’ aviation masters to ban the ill-fated craft from flying through their airspace. Nigeria suspended the aircraft from operating in the country. Air Peace recently suspended delivery of Boeing 737 Max aircrafts following public fears.

Said Nadege Dubois-Seex:  “Our family has lost its shining knight and the world has lost a brilliant entrepreneur.” The widow’s lawyer, U.S. attorney Nomaan Husain informed a gathering of Press in the French capital, of his client’s intention to seek legal redress and damages of not less than $276m. The suit was filed in a Chicago court.


Nadege Dubois-Seex lost her husband, and now wants $276m in damages

The aircraft manufacturer, Boeing has been under fire for some months since the two terrible misadventures. Boeing says it has updated the faulty software and is trying to pass a program of Pilots’ retraining on the aircraft with the US Federal aviation Administration, FAA.

Nomaan Husain, during the Paris conference for the press, accused Boeing of being indifferent to the danger posed by sensor data that was false, and that relied on a single sensor that past incidents had flagged as defective.

Boeing European spokeswomen contacted refused to return messages or make a statement over the issue.

Until his death in the air crash, Jonathan Seex was chief executive of Tamarind Group of Companies and a French/Kenyan citizen.  

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