Emmanuel Adebayor tells Funny Face to choose any car he likes from his fleet of cars


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There are friends and there are friends. Emmanuel Adebayor asks his friend, Ghanaian comedian, Funny Face, to pick any car he prefers from Emma's fleet.

Togolese footballer, Emmanuel Adebayor has set the internet buzzing with excitement by asking Ghanaian comedian, Funny Face to go to his house and choose any car from his luxurious fleet of cars and take home.


Emmanuel Adebayor loves luxurious whips and wouldn't mind giving out one of them to his friend

In an Instagram post that has gone viral, the well-known football star said Funny Face made his day and as a way to show his appreciation, asked the comedian to go to his house and pick any ride he likes.

The striker wrote,

I actually just got back from training. You made my day man, go to the house and take any car you want man.

An excited Funny Face responded to Adebayor's post with love emoji while adding, "Kasoa Van Damme is going to Adebayor's house like Cyborg."


Here's the post that got Funny Face a luxurious car from Adebayor

Naijauto gathered the Ghanaian comedian later wrote on his Facebook wall that, he'll be taking his two lovely twins out for a ride in the car he'll be taking from Adebayor's garage.

Adebayor and Funny Face have enjoyed a great relationship as friends from 2012 to date. Theirs can easily pass for a friend turned brother. This isn't the first time the comedian is receiving a car gift from the footballer. In 2012, Adebayor presented a customized Range Rover SUV to him. Not only that. When Funny Face celebrated his birthday in 2018, Adebayor gave him a blank cheque to spice up his day.

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Emmanuel Adebayor is an international footballer born in Lome, Togo by Nigerian parents from Yoruba ethnicity. He has dual nationality, Nigeria and then Togo, which he got by naturalization. His childhood days were spent in Lome before he left African shores to pursue his football career.


Will Funny Face go for this classy whip? It sure would offer him ample space for his lovely twins

Adebayor is said to have an estimated net worth of $57 million (₦21 billion). With his financial earnings, he is able to own luxurious cars, power bikes, Jets and mansions littered in Togo, Ghana, US, and the UK.

Despite his love for a luxurious lifestyle, Adebayor is compassionate and generous enough to reach out to the less privileged in Lome as he has many projects to his name in Togo.

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