The Rolls Royce cars that got Emir of Kano in trouble


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Counter accusations continue to trail Emir Sanusi Of Kano as he defends the controversial Rolls Royce cars that Kano govt. says are public money funded. Check details here!

Kano State is in the news again after governor, Abdullahi Umar Ganduje signed into law an edict that created 5 new Emirates from the old Kano emirate last week. This time former sole Emir of Kano, Emir Sanusi  is trending for having two expensive Rolls Royce cars, the Phantom and the Ghost in his garage. There are also Limousines.

Many residents accused the Emir of lavishly spending the council’s funds on acquiring the luxury cars. The allegations that led to the governor’s actions last week bordered on alleged financial recklessness by the emirate council. The Emir is currently under investigation.


Emir Sanusi is accused of buying the Luxury cars with public funds

In reply to the allegations, the Emir replied with statements, which pointed out:

  • That there was no corrupt charge or allegation against him previously.
  • There was no N3b or even N2b in the Emirate council’s account when he became emir.
  • He said that the two expensive Rolls Royces were gifts to him from his two friends, Kola Kareem and Bola Shagaya, while the limo which belongs to the late emir, was purchased by friends namely Aminu Dantata, Fernandez, Isiaka Rabiu, Sani Abacha and Ahmed Muazu.
  • He added that Kola Kareem who bought him the cars is the MD of Costain and Shoreline and is an old friend of “mine right from my banking days”. Bola Shagaya was Emir Sanusi’s classmate in SBS (1977) and in Economics class (1978-1981) in ABU, Zaria. The Emir said the cars were their contributions to him. They asked what they can do for him and he said ‘buy me new cars’.

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The Emir is critical of Governor Ganduje's administration who has accused the Emir of corruption

  • He mentioned that the limos are all old and dead.
  • That he is refurbishing the palace with his personal funds and won’t mind if the government didn’t repay him.
  • He addressed the issue of pictures which showed him with a lady, saying that lady is his cousin and named Maryam; her grandmother, Fulani Halin, is the daughter of late Emir Bayero and still lives in the palace. He added that such pictures can surface from anywhere as people want to tarnish his image.
  • The emir added that the person circulating the news is the SA to the Governor who is not smart enough to get someone else to speculate on the accusations.

Emir Sanusi concluded by saying that he didn’t insult north but only addressed the issue of the extreme poverty surrounding it.

As far as we know,Emir of Kano's Rolls Royce Phantom costs around ₦162 million while the Rolls Royce Ghost model starts at ₦113 million.

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