Elon Musk drives Tesla Cybertruck out for dinner, check the video!


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Elon Musk was seen driving his Tesla Cybertruck out of a restaurant in California. Check how this unique vehicle look in real life!

Tesla’s much-talked about Cybertruck continues to dominate the news as Elon Musk drives this vehicle to the public for the first time and gets involved in a minor mishap – crashing a traffic sign post when making his way out of a fancy restaurant in California.


The Cybertruck parked outside the restaurant

According to reports, the Tesla CEO had a night out with some friends at the restaurant. The restaurant’s valet strategically parked the popular truck right in front of its building for everyone to see. Expectedly, the truck drew a lot of attention, as people came in their numbers to take pictures of it.

“Ordinary” people were not the only ones intrigued by the one-of-a-kind vehicle. Hollywood Actor, Edward Norton, who was at the restaurant at the time, stepped out to check it out too.

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The Cybertruck draws all attention wherever it's spotted

Upon hitting the signpost with the rear wheels of the truck, Musk allegedly did not bother to find out if any damage was done. He drove away like nothing happened.

The incident is the second embarrassing account the Cybertruck has recorded since its highly-publicized unveiling. The first encounter happened during a test at the unveiling ceremony to showcase how strong the truck’s windows were. To Musk’s surprise, two of the windows broke when they were hit with a steel ball, failing the test. The CEO stated that, perhaps the demonstrators hit the windows too hard.

There was no sign of damage on the Cybertruck after it hit the signpost. This must be a plus to Tesla as it shows that the truck is strong.

Orders for the futuristic vehicle continue to come in despite criticisms from some quarters. Understandably, everyone cannot like the vehicle. But given the good reviews, it is getting from more than a handful, it is evident that the truck is not basic.

We hope to see it on Nigerian road soon.

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