This 34-year-old elephant in Thailand loves hugging tourist's car (Photos)


Posted by: Jane Osuagwu

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Having an elephant drape over your car is scary but exciting at the same time. Check out how this elephant went crushing on a tourist's car in Thailand!

A seven-ton bull elephant has been captured the moment it went crushing on a tourist's car in Khao Yai National Park, Thailand.

The 34-year-old elephant known as Duea was said to have wagged its tail before bringing out his front leg to place it across the car while spreading himself over the vehicle.


Duea, the elephant spread himself over the tourist's car

Naijauto gathered that during the brief crushing and draping, the elephant broke the back window while damaging the roof and body of the car.

Luckily enough for the driver, he was able to get away from the elephant in his car that has now been slightly damaged.

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''I'm crushing on your car'', says the elephant to the tourist

Tourists visiting any National Park worldwide have been advised to stay 100ft away from animals, more especially elephants and rhinos. The other time, we ran the story of a zookeeper who was driving her car in Serengeti Park northern Germany when a rhino charged at her, slamming its horn and body into her car before flipping it over. Her own car was severely damaged with her sustaining few injuries.

Hopefully, this should serve as a deterrence for people who move too close to animals when they visit National Parks.

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