Electronics giant Sony unveils electric car concept at CES 2020


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Read on to see which what Sony brings to the CES 2020 to shock the attendees!

Sony may be wildly known as one of the biggest manufacturers of electronics but the company sure had few things up its sleeves before it shocked tech people at the CES 2020 by introducing an electric-powered concept car dubbed ‘Vision S’. From what we gathered, the vehicle is designed as a prototype, showing off the sensors and in-car entertainment technologies of the company.


The electronics giant, Sony, has dazzled tech attendees at the CES 2020 with its new electric concept car

The Sony Vision S comes fitted with an ultra-wide panoramic screen, positioned at the flank of the dashboard for entertainment and driving information. So far, the company is yet to indicate whether it has any plan for public sales or not.

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While revealing information about this newly unveiled concept car, the chief executive of Sony, Kenichiro Yoshida, disclosed:

"We will accelerate our efforts to contribute to the future of mobility,"

The event was also graced by the Technalysis Research member, Bob O’Donnell, who had his say:

"It was quite a shock to be honest with you," he told the BBC. "It highlights how the company is reinventing itself."

The Vision S's sensing technology is one of the most remarkable features, which is capable of detecting and recognizing the occupants, hereby allowing them to control the entertainment systems through gestures.


The Vision S prototype offers a sensing tech that detects occupants and offers them gesture control of the entertainment systems

Sony has installed a total of 33 sensors in the Vision S prototype. Also from what we learned, the manufacturer has created very strong image sensors capable of analyzing the road ahead of the car.

Video: Sony Vision-S hands-on at CES 2020

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O’Donnell made it known that such impressive innovative technology will aid assisted-driving systems in cars that will be manufactured in the future. By so doing, it will assist the driver when to adjust the steering or apply brakes while allowing the owner to make most decisions.

Sony's Technalysis Research member added:

"Assisted driving could be as useful, in fact, in some ways even more useful than autonomous driving," 

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