Moment an ₦134m electric blue Lamborghini Aventador gets a jump-start from passing motorist


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Can an electric car be also jump-started? Yes, it can! Watch as this Lamborghini gets a jump-start from another car after refusing to start.

Footage of an electric deep blue Lamborghini Aventador sportscar being jump-started by a passing car in London recently emerged and caused interest in netizens. 

Now wait, do you mean to say that an electric car can also be jump-started like diesel and petrol-engine cars?

Yes, Naijauto says it can.

An onlooker captured the moment as the electric supercar was parked outside a hotel in Mayfair, London.


The jump starter boosted the battery of the Lamborghini for some seconds

In the video, the Lamborghini failed to start after the owner had switched the engine on. So, he opened the boot where the motor was mounted.

A passing car in silver pulled over and the driver brought the car closer to the boot, also raising its bonnet.

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A passerby brought a jump starter and it was attached to each of the cars. After it boosted the battery of the Lamborghini for some seconds, the backlights came on. The engine revved and then began to hum.


The man hooking the jump starter to each of the cars

After charging for a few minutes, the silver car's owner, on a rescue mission, removed the jumpstarter while the owner of the blue Lamborghini shut its boot. He climbed into his supercar and the scissors door closed. Then, he reversed and drove out to join the traffic.

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The Lamborghini Aventador driving out after it was jump-started

That's a job well done for the Lamborghini Aventador worth ₦134.1 million.

Watch the video below.

Video: The Lamborghini gets a jump start from the silver car

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