Battery breakthrough! Electric cars can now be fully charged in 10 minutes


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An average electric car that takes more than one hour to fully recharge, now takes just 10 minutes, and even 5 minutes in the near future! Explore how they did it!


An electric car now can be fully charged in 10 minutes

Electric cars take up to 30 minutes or 7 hours to be fully charged. And this depends on the battery's size and the power outlet used. However, this is about to change as mechanical engineers have gotten a  battery breakthrough, which now enables an electric car to be fully charged in as little as 10 minutes.

Charging time and costs have been a major challenge for electric cars but research has found a way for drivers to spend less time charging their electric cars at charging points with this new battery technology.

As reported by Naijauto, a team of researchers in the US have developed a rapid-charging lithium-ion battery that can give electric cars 200-300 miles of charge in 10 minutes.

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According to a senior author and mechanical engineer at Pennsylvania State University, Chao-Yang Wang,

In addition to fast charging, this design allows us to limit the battery’s exposure time to the elevated charge temperature, thus generating a very long cycle life

The key is to realise rapid heating; otherwise, the battery will stay at elevated temperatures for too long, causing severe degradation ... The 10-minute trend is for the future and is essential for adoption of electric vehicles because it solves the range anxiety problem.

This new process that enables fast charging is said to be harmless to the battery. It can go through 2,500 charging cycles.

This feat is coming after the scientists that developed the first battery received the 2019 Nobel Prize award in chemistry earlier this month. The first lithium-ion battery that was produces in 1985 is the combined effort of Stanley Whittingham, John Goodenough, and Akira Yoshino. They are now the battery used in laptops, phones, and the emerging electric car industry.


This new process that enables fast charging is said to be harmless to the battery

Mr. Wang and his team are hoping to bring the charging time down to five minutes.

He said,

We are working to charge an energy-dense electric vehicle battery in five minutes without damaging it

This will require highly stable electrolytes and active materials in addition to the self-heating structure we have invented.

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