The first British electric car Lotus Evija targets the world's fastest production race car


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A lot is going on with the new EV hypercar, Evija. Adjudged to be world's powerful production road car, the Evija is also the first British electric car. You sure need to check it out!

Lotus meant business when its fans were told that their upcoming EV hypercar dubbed Evija would blow their minds. Now, the Evija (pronounced ev-eye-a) has been revealed and Naijauto can tell you that the outcome is quite impressive.

Adjudged to be the "most powerful series production road car" in automotive history, the Lotus Evija also happens to be the first British fully electric hypercar.

How powerful is the Lotus Evija?

The new EV hypercar is equipped with four electric motors and each can produce 493 hp (368 kW). When added all together, becomes 1,972 horsepower (1471 kW/2000 PS). The torque is 1,254 lb-ft (1700 Nm). Lotus stated that the Evija can sprint from 0-62 mph (100 km/h) under 3 seconds. Well, not that it’s a new record because there are a lot of gasoline-powered cars which can accelerate much faster, using lesser power.


Behold the Lotus Evija, the most powerful series-production road car in automotive history

However, looking beyond that, the top speed of the Evija is estimated to be 200 mph (320 km/h ). For the four electric motors, their power is generated through a mid-mount 2000 kW lithium-ion battery pack. When it's charged once, the hypercar can run up to 400 km (250 miles). And when the battery depletes, the battery can be fully charged in 9 minutes. To do that, it needs an 800 kW charger.

Presently, there's no charging unit with such capacity. The fastest charger that's obtainable now has 350 kW. If it should be used to charge the Evija, the battery can charge up to 80% in 12 minutes and will be using 18 minutes to get a full charge.

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The Lotus Evija equipped with four electric motors looks inviting with its doors wide open

What is more impressive about the new EV hypercar is that it's going to be a lightweight, with the one-piece carbon-fiber monocoque chassis it's built on. Weighing 284 lbs (129 kg), it’s the first car Lotus is using it on. And when other components are fixed, the Lotus Evija weighs 3,704 pounds (1,680 kg).

Not only that though. Lotus says,

"the hypercar was designed to deliver an optimum blend of extreme track performance and on-road comfort."

2. Designs & price tags of Lotus Evija

It features five different driving modes which enable it to adapt to several environments. They are range, sport, tour, city, and track. According to Lotus, it’s the first production car that'll be making use of lasers for its headlights.

Taking a closer look, you will see that the hypercar has no mirror or door handle either. Lotus has built the Evija in such a way that a camera will be showing the driver what's happening at the back, while dihedral doors are been fitted, to be operated with the use of the key fob.

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Welcome to the cabin designed for the future, with carbon fiber shell-molded seats wrapped up in Alcantara upholstery

When the doors are opened up, you'll be welcomed by a cabin designed for the future. It features a floating wing dashboard and visible carbon fiber. Going further, the carbon fiber shell-molded seats are wrapped up in Alcantara upholstery and there's the digital instrument cluster. Occupants can enjoy some niceties fitted into the Evija, like the Apple CarPlay, dual-zone climate control, and Android Auto.

Lotus is limiting the production of the Evija hypercar to just 130 units, with its production starting 2020. Orders have already started coming in, with a deposit of $310,177 (~N112 million).

Each Lotus Evija will cost $2.1 million (~N757 million).


Lotus is limiting the production of the Evija hypercar to just 130 units

So the thing is, do you have what it takes to own an Evian?

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