Revealed! Check out world’s longest pure electric car by China’ automaker BYD


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If you think you have seen the longest bus yet, you will change your mind when you take a look at the world’s longest pure electric car by china’ automaker BYD. Click here!

Some say this electric bus is thrice the size of BRT buses you see around in Lagos. You can never know how true it is until you see it with your eyes. Truly, the bus is what we refer here on Naijauto as “magnificent”.

BYD, Chinese automaker on Monday decided to excite the entire world through the launching of the longest pure electric bi-articulated bus you have ever seen. This K12A bus was showcased at the company’s headquarter in Shenzhen.

The bus has the capability of conveying 250 passengers and its length is measured 27 meters. Seems the rumour that it is thrice the size of BRT is true after all. It is also seen to fit perfectly with the global Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system.

image-of longest-electric-bus-in-the-world

It might take quite some time before another bus would overtake the record set by this electric bus by BYD 

The speed of the bus is very much okay for its daily activities and your time schedule. It has a peak speed of 44 miles per hour (70km/hr). This mean on a full charge, the bus is capable of running 300km.

Not just that, there is a claim that the bus is the first electric bus you would see anywhere in the world, which comes with a 4-wheel drive system. Regardless of the terrain, the bus will effectively switch from 2WD to 4WD effortlessly. When it comes to energy usage, the bus promises low consumption.

BYD launches world's longest pure electric bus

It is reported that BYD has delivered 50,000 units of this pure electric bus till date globally. These articulated buses were solely built for TransMilenio transit system in Columbia and other BRT systems in the world.

We hope we get to see some of these buses on our roads here in Nigeria.

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Oluwaseun Adeniji
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