Elderly couple nearly died of suffocation in keyless Mazda 3


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Keyless entry feature might confuse elderly users and lead to serious consequences in extreme cases, like this one.

It was a seemingly impossible story, yet it happened to this elder couple in Newzeland who took their brand new car out for a tour around the blocks to test its ability. This is a Mazda 3 model, and what's particularly interesting here is that it's one of the modern cars with the keyless feature, meaning they can operate, lock and unlock the car without having to insert a key into any hole. The couples, one is 65, another 68, naturally, don't keep up with the latest news and technology when they hop into their car, the car doors have to do what it's supposed to do: secure the passengers inside.

Video: Couple Got Stuck In Their Keyless Car

Once they get inside and found out that the car key is not with them, they freaked out and started to lose their cool. They couldn't ask for help from the inside because the vehicle was, indeed, very secure. With any other driver, they might have been able to know that the car could be operated manually if they look for it, but in this case, they are a couple in their sixties! They barely know the Internet, let alone update information about those keyless cars. Luckily, they were found in the following morning by a neighbor. The couples were barely breathing and struggling to survive.

They are improving their health conditions after several days of intensive care in the hospital. The man explained he got the wrong notion that a keyless car can only be open by, well, something not a key! And that salesperson who sold him the Mazda3 is partly responsible for them being stationary in the hospital beds, because the old man considers himself to be a man of principles and follow instructions and rules very strictly. "He should have insisted I could open the car with my hands", he added.

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a keyless mazda car

The word "keyless" can be tricky, especially for the elderly

 A representative of Mazda New Zealand expressed his sorry about the incident and said that this was the first case that ever happened with a keyless model. However, he denied that this is a car's defect but rather a mistake on the salespersons' side because they have boasted about the fact that this car is, indeed, can be open and locked by hands. "Even though its name has to word "keyless", there will always be a way to neglect it", he commented.

This is a sad incident happening to a couple who didn’t take a full advantage of their keyless feature. On the flip side, there’s another case reported of a Mercedes was stolen by car theft exploiting its keyless feature.



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