Self-driving truck by Einride begins deliveries on public road in Sweden


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Electric driverless truck is coming to town! Though, it is coming on a trial version for now. See these self-driving truck by Einride begins deliveries on public road in Sweden below!

A self-driving and cabin-less electric truck with no driver, seat or steering wheel also known as T-Pod by Einride, had already started making deliveries on trial on public road in Sweden.

As Naijauto team collected, customer DB Schenker and Einride have tagged the deliveries on trials, which would run till year 2020, the very first of such to ever happen on Sweden’s stretch of public road. Backup drivers were used by other companies inside the vehicle while test running on public roads.


This one-of-a-kind driverless truck will run on trial till 2020 on public road in Sweden

The truck will be taking daily long route of 300 meters to a fright terminal building from the warehouse, which would include 100 meters road stretch being plied by vehicles and trucks and 5 right-angle turns.

There will be a remote supervision on the 26 tonnes of Level 4 self-driving T-Pod truck by an operator, who has the power to take control of the truck if required. It makes use of 3D sensors, cameras and radars with 360 degree surrounding awareness to drive itself.


This Einride driverless truck can be remotely controlled in case of any malfunction on public road

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An autonomous driving concept designed by NVIDIA would be used by the truck, which will have well-connected systems to 5G network. It offers 124 miles (200 kilometers) in range.

This truck has the capacity to reach top speed of 53 miles per hour (85km/hr) with the permission to drive at 3 miles per hour (5km/hr) during the trial stage.

Driverless electric truck hits Swedish roads

A lot of excitements have sprung up from businesses across the globe about the potential and prospect of what this new driverless technology would do considering the absence of sufficient truck drivers. There is a report from the Transport Intelligence in Europe that there are more than 150,000 unoccupied truck driver positions.

Do you think Dangote would go for this truck?

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Oluwaseun Adeniji
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