Egba man designs DIY maximum security cage for new car: why?


Posted by: Joshua-Philip Okeafor

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An Egba man takes Car security to a hilarious new level by building a mini prison for his car as a response to vagrant youths. Read the complete story & check photos here!

1. DIY security cage for cars, an Egba product

In a picture currently trending online, a Nigerian man has resorted to what has been described as “extreme’ measures in order to safeguard new car. In the picture the car is seen locked in an iron cage that is further secured with a padlock.

The image has attracted quite a lot of comments from very amused Nigerians. One commentator alluded to the car owner’s possible Egba ancestry, saying,

“Just when I thought I have seen it all. Egba people never cease to amaze me.”

It appeared at first that this was a measure to prevent the car being stolen.


The DIY cage built to safeguard the car

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2. Why did the car owner have to build this?

In a rejoinder, the car owner identified by his handle, Premium Dogdealer described a nasty experience he had with kids playing rough games with his first car, a 2004 Pontiac Solstice. In his words:

“You won’t  understand, when I bought my 2004 Pontiac Solstice … these lil kids used stone to design the whole body paint. I was shocked that I almost locked up all the kids in my community.”


The car owner explained beneath the post

The car appears to be a Nissan Pathfinder of uncertain year from the pictures. One joins hope with the car owner that neighborhood kids will leave this new vehicle unmolested.

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Joshua-Philip Okeafor
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