See the effective preventive measures deployed by Chinese in fighting coronavirus in a bus


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At a time like this, we need all the information we can get on preventing the spread of this virus via our vehicles. See the techniques used by the Chinese!

While it is important we note the impressive feat achieved by the Chinese in fighting this deadly coronavirus with the code name COVID-19 in their home country, other countries experiencing similar virus pandemics are also trying their best in curbing its spread within their walls. Just recently, China made the fantastic announcement that the highly infected city of Wuhan will soon be open to normal life, starting from the 8th of April, this year.


The Chinese have utilized series of useful techniques in curbing the spread of coronavirus in their buses

The remarkable reduction in the number of newly infected people has made china to lift its travel restriction, allowing people to move around easily. Since the 19th of March, 2020, new cases have significantly dropped to zero for five days at a stretch. This is the same place where thousands of cases with a high mortality rate were reported in February, last month.


Part of the preventing measures against COVID-19 is the cleaning of the inside of buses in China

Presently, the deadly coronavirus is in full force in Europe, America, and Africa. This is why cleaning and ridding our environment of any form of infection has become a necessity now more than ever. These places should include public centers, homes and very importantly, our vehicles.


The Chinese have found it important to disinfect the buses from the possible spread of the virus to the passengers or workers

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Temperature of staff members and passengers are also measured by the bus dispatcher

China has deployed some effective preventive techniques in defeating the virus, including disinfecting and cleaning of buses. To do so, the Chinese have mastered the art of air ventilation and the measurement of temperatures of passengers and workers. They have also deployed and enforced the use of face masks while combating the deadly virus. You can copy the Chinese example by getting to know the tips for cleaning and disinfecting your car against coronavirus. 

Not to forget, part of the efficient ways the Chinese have used in defeating the coronavirus is the cleaning of their streets by using unmanned Sanitation Robots and Cleaning vehicles.

Here is the video showing how China has been combating the deadly virus by making use of driverless vehicles to clean their streets:

Coronavirus fight: Driverless disinfection truck put into use

These rules and tips illustrated in the pictures are not only limited to drivers but those who are interested in safely buying cars in this trying moment. 

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