Edo traffic management to ease traffic issue in Benin City


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Officials of the Edo State Traffic Control and Management Agency (EDSTMA) will start taking over the traffic control on main roads nationwide after finishing their training course.

According to the Governor Godwin Obaseki, the idea of the traffic control was a part of a larger plan in order to remove any obstacles hampering business in the country. The initiative is accepted willingly by all of the involved parties including unions of bus drivers, associations of tricycle drivers and people who have stakes in the sector.

An official of EDSTMA during training in Benin City

 The initiative of traffic control is accepted willingly by all of the involved parties in the road transport sector

There has been high expectation among drivers that the agency will restore morale and order on the routes by enforcing harshly traffic laws which will check the improper control of motorists that is seriously worsening the circulation of traffic in Benin.

Obaseki also informed that the agency would minimize the working hours that employees and businessmen waste due to traffic jam and the chaos happening in parts of the country. He urged drivers to follow traffic rules because mobile courts would be established to promptly handle cases of law violations.

“With these measures we have put in place, we are confident that once we roll out, we will be able to bring an end to the traffic menace in the state,” said the Governor.

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