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E-money or easy money? His name says it all. Check out how rich he is with E-money cars, houses & net worth!


E-Money, the CEO of Five Star Music and Emmy Cargoes Ltd, has emerged as one of the richest in Nigeria

When you mix swag, wealth, youth, generosity, and good looks, you may likely end up with the picture of Emeka Okonkwo, also known as E-money. E-money is a prime example of a talented figure who has conquered challenges in different fields to emerge as one of Nigeria's richest music entrepreneurs. He is not only a popular music star in the entertainment industry but also a successful tycoon. With just one look at E-money cars, houses and net worth, you will be able to appreciate how successful the young man is and how uphill the climb to fame and fortune was for him. Meet E-money!

1. How much is E-money's net worth 2020?

In 2014, Vanguard identified E-Money as a billionaire. Reports say E-money's net worth is around $10m -$30m or  ₦3.6 billion - ₦10.8 billion. Wow! Is this why his nickname is also "Arab money?" This is an estimated range only as this net worth of E-money is yet to be pinpointed exactly and verified. The music mogul is not in the list of Top 10 richest musicians in Nigeria, because he is not really a musician but rather the CEO of Five Star group - the artist management company who owns Kcee and Xbusta.

2. E-money's houses 

As a proud Igbo man, his house is very important to E-money, both the one in the village and the one in the city. Take a look.

2.1. E-money's house in the village 

E-money and older bro Kcee are holding hands to construct a worthy mansion in their village in Uli, Anambra state. You may already know that the brothers are so close, and this joint building project is another demonstration of it. 


It's still rough but this will be a grand place one day

2.2. E-money's house in Omole

E-Money mansion is a lavish building in which cost ₦250 million to put together. The Omole phase 1 house uses a combination of gold and white as dominant colors. The interior decor stands out with unique luxurious pieces such as elegant sets of furniture in gold, majestic beds, state-of-the-art household electronics, and much more. He also provided his own gym and a pool for family use. As a solid family man, nothing is spared to make the place a great living experience for his family of five. His constant updates on social media can bear that out. Check it out:


The ₦250 million house E-money built


Welcome to E-Money's mansion in Omole


The house uses a theme of gold and white principally


The mansion needs many members of staff to cater to its VIP owners


Extravagant sets of golden chairs and table


It is rumored to have cost him 250 million to build


This is what E-money's living room looks like


Though the house has a modern outlook, there is a classic element to it


Team E-money, when Dad and sons reunite after a week of business

E-Money-with-his wife

The mansion has a private pool


In E-money's house, money and taste go hand in hand

3. E-money's cars

Owning a great fortune enables E-Money to buy anything and, of course, spending on luxury wheeled vehicles is just a way to boost his luxurious life.

3.1. E-money latest car 

The famous musician is often observed cruising his new 2017 Lexus LX 570. It is believed that the vehicle cost him about $90,000 (~33m).


The famous musician has been seen alongside his new 2017 Lexus LX 570 lately

3.2. E-money Rolls Royce

Not only buying cars for himself, E-Money gifted Musician Kcee, his brother, a 20m Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon as a birthday gift and a blue Rolls-Royce for his wife as a Christmas present. To cement the Rolls Royce deal, he bought another RR brand again for himself at the same time. Both cars cost about ₦120 million each!


Juliet cheerful after receiving the blue Rolls-Royce as a Christmas gift


E-money with the two Rolls Royces he bought


If money brings happiness, E-money is now he is one of the happiest humans on earth

Many guess ₦361m won’t be wide of the mark when it comes to the money he spent on these vehicles.

3.3. E-money's most expensive car

E-money's garage is constantly changing as he adds new wheeled toys. However, the most expensive car the 5-star chief probably owns is the $500k or ₦180m Maybach 62s he purchased not too long ago. In order to celebrate, he reportedly asked fans to send their bank accounts details.



A photo of him in the sear seat of his Maybach

E-Money has got a myriad of warnings from the police not to post photos of his lavish life for that might grab the attention of robbers but that never stops E-Money updating on Instagram for his 4 million followers to catch up. His cars include Toyota Prado SUVs, 2015 Mercedes Benz Sprinter Land Jet, Jaguar, limo, and other cars. Take a look.

3.4. Toyota Land Cruiser Prado: ₦20m - ₦34m


Though warned for uploading his photos of cars from luxury brands, he can't keep from posting them on Instagram

3.5. 2015 Mercedes Benz Sprinter Luxury Land Jet: ₦35m


He has too many options whenever going out like this land jet


Who believed Emeka would one day become E-Money?


He is an example of never giving up on one's dreams

E-Money-beside-his car

He is easily seen riding in a new car in Lagos


His garage is full of exotic models

3.6. 2019 Mercedes Benz G-Wagon: ₦45m- ₦72m

Seems black is his favorite color

4. E-money's private jet

Does E-money own a private jet? Rumor mills swung into action when the star posted pics of himself and madam in a private jet on their way to their vacation. Many blogs claimed the jet was his. However, there is no evidence to suggest that E-money has bought a private jet-yet. In the pix below, you can even see other passengers. It may just be a matter of time though.


E-money and Juliet take off for some well-earned fun

5. E-money's source of wealth

E-money once took the media by storm when he sprayed money with a gun at Onazi Ogenyi's Wedding back in 2016. He is also the generous CEO who gifted multiple Toyota Camrys to his staff on their birthday! (see the details here). 

So how come E-money is so rich?

Well, E-money is the CEO and chairman of Five Star Group (said to be worth at 500m), EmyCargo, Emy Motors Ltd which sells new and old cars, and Shipping Services Nigeria Ltd, a company into freight and shipping. Apart from those 3 sources of his great fortune, E-Money also tries his hand at real estate, as well as the oil and gas industry, which is always a million-dollar business in Nigeria.

The Five Star group has singers Kcee, Xbusta, and others signed up. Harrysong left the label amidst controversy.

E-money was born to a DJ father who managed the family’s finances with his CD selling business in Ajegunle, Emeka also had his older bro to school him on the ABC of a successful life in the future. While learning how to do the business from his father, Emeka must have emulated a lot from the brother who later become a famous musician, Kcee.


He's learned a lot from his father's business and his brother's music


E-Money witnesses success with his own label Five Star Music

6. E-money's biography

E-Money was born  Emeka Okonkwo in Ajegunla, Lagos. The nickname E-money came because of his constant acts of generosity, throwing money to people in public. His older brother, Kcee, is one of Nigeria's most popular stars and the "Limpopo" singer.




Chilling out poolside at his Omole residence

6.1. E-money Instagram

E-money is undoubtedly an Instagram star in Nigeria and has 5.1 million followers. 


E-money Instagram account

6.2. E-Money's wife

E-money has been married for 9 years to Juliet Okonkwo who he described as a non-materialistic and God-fearing woman, a sterling match God gifted him. The couple has 3 sons.


E-Money has tied the knot with his Juliet for 9 years

E-money is grateful for that marriage and a call that he believes his life would not be the same without them. After his wedding, the new bride and groom made their way back to Lagos. Then, E-Money received a call offering him a $2m contract. The musician always keeps this life-changing moment in mind to recall every time he has a chance to share.

“We were on our way to Lagos when I received a phone call informing me that I had been awarded a $2 million contract and that is how our lives changed forever”, he spoke in an interview.

While his family lives in the United Kingdom, E-Money busies himself with business matters in Nigeria. He only reunites with his wife and sons on a regular basis every other week.


The Nigerian music boss has 3 sons with lovely Juliet

6.3. E-money's age

He was born on February 18, 1981, and is 38 years old.

To recap

E-Money, the CEO and chairman of Five Star Music, EmyCargo, Emy Motors Ltd, and Shipping Services Nigeria Ltd, has emerged as one of the richest musician entrepreneurs in Nigeria. He is also a big Nigerian stakeholder in transportation, oil production, and gas industries in Nigeria. We hope this article has painted a good picture of E-Money houses, cars, net worth and his beautiful, lavish life.

Video: 10 Most Expensive Things E-Money Owns

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