E-money generously gifted several cars for his staff on his birthday


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It's always a gesture of goodwill to share your happiness with others, especially it's your birthday. In this case, E-money took it to a whole different level

Being a little more generous on your birthday is not something too hard to believe, but E-money has recently re-defined the term "generosity" by buying each of his staffs a brand new car. 

You heard that right. A brand new Toyota Camry has been gifted to each and every one of his qualified staffs in celebration of E-money birthday. It's actually not an exaggeration to say that The CEO of the Five Star Group has brought gifting standard to a whole different level. 


The staff looks reasonably happy when receiving the gift from him


Their years of hard working has finally paid off, in the form of a brand new car!

He got to social networks and sent out a message to express his joy. He, of course, did not forget to plug a little bit of his company image, the Five Star Group, and at the same time turn it into a recruiting post. 

I wouldn't blame him for a being a bit "sneaky" since what he has done to his staffs is beyond most of CEOs capability. I would say that if I was working in the music industry, I would quit my job immediately and joined his company right away.


Along with the car gifts, the business mogul did not forget to give a shout-out to his company

Not a lot of people are called a business mogul at 38 years of age, so you know how successful E-money is. Previously, he has been known for his taste in all kinds of cars, namely Mercedez-Benz, Lexus and even the luxury one like the Roll-Royce.


He has a special interest in many luxury models cars like Mercedez, Lexus and Roll-Royce

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