E-Money bought his wife a blue Rolls-Royce Phantom as Christmas gift


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Nigerian billionaire E-Money bought his wife a blue Rolls-Royce Phantom gift to bring Christmas closer to his beloved family.

Emeka Okonkwo, well-known as E-Money, has recently presented an expensive blue Rolls-Royce Phantom gift to his wife, Juliet Okonkwo for the coming Chrismas.


E-Money and his family

E-Money is a young Nigerian billionaire, a CEO of Five Star Music Group. He’s the younger brother of famous musician Kcee, and the man behind the success of the Limpopo crooner, as well as Skiibii and Harrysong.

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On E-Money official Instagram account did he share the photos of his three sons’ mother posing with a blue Rolls Royce. He appreciates his wife’s sacrifice and loyalty throughout 6 years together and wishes her the best in his post on his private Instagram account.

Please help me pray for this Lady .She has been with me through thick and thin, She has never stopped praying for me.... My Love you deserve all the good things of life .Enjoy your Christmas gift..... Congratulations My Tomato Jos  @iam_mrse #rollsroycephantom

Source: Instagram@iam_emoney1

Now, let's check out more images of his wife and the blue Rolls-Royce Phantom down below.


The Rolls-Royce Phantom: the early happiness of Mrs. Okonkwo at this year's Chrismas


E-Money did spend about N153 Million to buy his wife’s smile


He always wishes to express his thanks to her sacrifice

E-Money's wife beside her Rolls-Royce

The smile of E-Money's wife has been brighter

E-Money's wife smiling

Her sacrifice is worth it

E-Money's wife posing with her car

Everyone loves this fairy tale about a guy who has nothing but his wonderful wife

E-Money's wife inside her Rolls-Royce

Then, she helps him get everything in life

E-Money's wife getting inside her Rolls-Royce

We know that this Rolls-Royce is just not enough, more gifts will be for her in the future

E-Money's wife on the rear seats of the Rolls-Royce

She seems not able to leave the smiles on her face

E-Money's wife near the bluw Rolls-Royce

Lesson learnt: Every hard work will pay off sooner or later

E-Money's wife inside the Blue Rolls-Royce

This is the family I always dream of and strive for

E-Money's wife opening her Rolls-Royce to get in

The car just perfectly matches her bright smile

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