E-inspection and e-billing system for identifying vehicle with invalid papers takes its effect


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The VIS office will sit in a table with the owner of the vehicle handling the case and clear any questions between the two.

E-inspection and e-billing system has been launched last year as an attempt of Lagos State Government identifying automotive vehicles with an invalid document in Lagos streets.

Below is an actual bill sent to a violated owner who doesn't hold a valid Roadworthiness Certificate. Look closely at the picture below you can see what a document is like when it’s sent to your house informing of your errant vehicle caught in the street cameras.

A Nigerian bill informing a traffic offense

This will be sent to the vehicle's owner who travelling Lagos street without valid documents

The owners of the errant vehicles can visit VIS office to clear any question and pay his due fine within 7 days upon receipt of the bill. If these 7 days pass without the driver’s visit to the office to identify his car or paying the bill (online or via a bank), the car will be impounded.

There were in fact cases where VIS mistakenly billed a car owner who has genuine paper. Car owner who after registering their paper will get an SMS notification sent to their phone, which can be used as a proof in case of an unfortunate mistake made by faulty data system.

Verify Your Vehicle's Certificate of Road Worthiness

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