Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson can't sit in a Porsche Taycan electric sports car


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Believe it or not, the popular Porsche Taycan electric sports car is actually way too small for Dwayne Johnson a.k.a "The Rock" to sit in. See proof here!

Lots of men usually fantasize about getting huge biceps, triceps and massive body size like the popular Hollywood actor Dwane Johnson p.k.a “The Rock”. Unfortunately, many people often forget the subtle challenges that people with enormous body size usually face. Oh yes, one of their problems is that they hardly fit inside a regular sports car and they generally cannot enjoy a ride inside most small or regular-sized cars ☹.


Popular Hollywood actor, Dwane “The Rock,” Johnson says he does not fit inside a regular Porsche Taycan electric sports car

New automotive press reports confirmed that Hollywood star, “The Rock”, recently found it almost impossible to fit himself inside a Porsche Taycan just like several other sports cars he has tried over the years. This recent incident or “discovery” played out when he tried shooting a scene involving car chase for the upcoming action movie titled “Red Notice”. The award-winning movie star told his 203 million Instagram followers that it felt like trying to squeeze a big brown marshmallow into a coin slot. He described the experience as completely hilarious!

Below is Dwayne Johnson’s original Instagram post narrating this recent Porsche Taycan “drama”.


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After reading through the movie actor’s narration, we could only feel sorry for the movie directors that went through so much stress in arranging for a beautiful Porsche Taycan sports car for the giant “The Rock”.

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If you are a fan of action movies and would love to know more about Dwayne Johnson’s upcoming “Red Notice” movie, watch this video below.

  Red Notice Movie | Dwayne Johnson's, Ryan Reynolds, Gal Gadot | Release Date, Red Notice New Movie

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